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I'm very concerned about this. Who's job is it to re-calculate the signs and recalculate the meanings of each sign? Do these signs have the same personality traits or anything? What does that do for those interested in astrology as a form of divination?

Rev. Aphren
I agree, I don't think it should be done at all. the 13th sign?? I'm a libra, I fit that and I know it but to tell me it's changed and am now a virgo? Well, I'm not. I don't know how this is going to effect everything. EVERYTHING is going to be off now. It worries me quite a bit.
Interestingly... I find out afterwards that the changes ONLY apply to people (children) born in 2009 and forward...

But... How can it NOT change for us that are older with the shift of the planet???

I didn't change, I'm still a Pisces... But it's still odd...
Err... no.
You know, the signs of the Zodiac are old, like, VERY old. They are based on metaphisical and esoteric observations as well as interpretations, and have very, very deep and complex meanings. And they don't change. This thing was just added in the middle, it isn't simetrical with the others, holds no esoteric value, and it's also extremly vague from what i can see in the illustration.

There are 12 Zodiac Signs. Not 13.
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I remember hearing about a 13th sign many years ago: it was supposed to be called Arachne, The Spider; however I have never heard or read anything about it since, so I presume it was not taken seriously.
so now, do we add this to the Zodiac ? well throws out all her books, so much for print.
I'll add a bit to what hummingburd said

You must know the diference in between "New age crap" and "New age though". The first is similar to the popular version of christianity: it's followers don't have a clue what they are talking about, and exist by the thousands. The second has fewer followers in number, but understands the metaphors, meanings and posible interpretations. This people come to exist only of years of study and strong interest and dedication to this study.

The 13nth Zodiac sign is nothing new, it is a fact- in astroNoMy. However the zodiac signs are not astronomical they are astroLoGical. Astrology is the esoteric, ocult and slightly metaphyisical study of our cosmos, while astronomy is 100% scientifical and earthly. In fact there are over 13 zodiac signs in astronomy because, way further than the true zodiac is, constelations seen by modern techonology also exhibit shapes similar to the zodiac. However from an occult point of view this shouldn't be taken into account, because the movements they generate in us pass through the original zodiac, becoming then part of the original zodiac anyway.

The followers of "New age crap" belive in horoscopes from teen magazines: in other words, if you were born in this day of this month, you are like this. But it doesn't work that way, it's way more complicated than that. We of cource know that all celestial bodies emit energy: if at least energy in the way of gravity, but energy nevertheless. This energy afects us in many ways, it affects our development, our thoughts and our personality, and through this it makes us more likely to follow certian cource of action through our lives: astrology can predict our future this way: it's not truly seeing the future, it's a prediction much like the ones you see on the weather channel. A true horoscope then depends on the day you where born, on the PLACE you where born on earth, on the place the planets of our solar sistem where when you were born, on the place our solar sistem ocupied on the galaxy the day you were born, etc. It's extremly complicated, although when done right, it is also extremly acurate. But this mean 2 people may have been born on the same day, at the same hour and on the same place with one year of diference. This 2 people will have a completly different horoscope from each other. (Horoscopes do repeat themselves, every 25,000 years or so at least, that is when our solar sistem begins it's cycle anew, acording to gnostics and astronomers)

A true horoscope is called an Astral Chart. It's about 20 pages long and they are usually done by hand because of the precition needed to get them right. There are however computer-made version that are not as accurate, but very accurate still. An astral chart is an instructin manual for your life, i'm not kidding. They predict the events that lead to your development, describe your personality, weaknesses and strnghts, and predict what will happen in the future with a pretty good acuracy. It's one horoscope for each life, and it is scary how true they are.

So don't let anyone fool you. The 13 Zodiac sign was proposed by a "New age Crap"er astronomer who wants to be famous, or is dumb and think NO ONE has noticed this before in the god knows how many thousand years astrology has been studied or mantained itself certian- with no mistakes.

So, don't panic. Disregard the article, move on with your lives.
and if its only appears every 26, ooo years , its a long time between birthdays dont you think [ winks ] lol
Merry Meet, I saw on CNN today that although scientists have been mulling this idea around for several years, they've come to the conclusion that it doesn't work. Many Blessings,

Actually this is nothing new, people have been talking about it in various versions for the last several generations. It has never tended to be taken very seriously and has never taken root in modern western Astrology. And it is unlikely to do so now. This is partly because modern Astrology really doesn't have much to do with stars and planets -it uses them as markers for patterns in time which once coincided with them. The actual position of planets and stars has not coincided with western Astrology for a very, very long time. This has not been a problem because again it is the patterns they were marking that are important, not the actual stars and planets. This shift is commonly called the Precession of the Equinoxes, and the distance between the actual, siderial position of the stars and planets vs the Astrological position of the stars and planets is in part the origin of the concept of Zodiacal Ages.
Yeah, and then there is that whole Chinese Astrology year of the animal issue. This year, it is the year of the Rabbit.

Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac to create horoscopes so the wobble of the Earth is irrelevant.


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