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Good morning...  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there has been another quake in Haiti.  Magnitude 6.1, it hit at 6:03am (GMT-5).

I have already suggested a series of rituals be held for this devastated country.  What else can we do?  (And this is not a rhetorical question, I think we really must consider this, I know the WS Volunteer Guild has already been called upon in another thread)

Post ideas and suggestions, and remember no amount of effort is too small!

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when a relief effort of some sort is organized i would love to send some things. I have many baby clothes and baby supplies my daughter has grown out of, toys, shoes, and more i would love to send. Many of these people lost everything, those of us who cant afford to donate money, can donate things, or time, or food. I would say most of us have things that we don't use or need that would benefit these people. Look in your storage, or your closet, or your pantry! Things that never "make it" to the thrift store, or those "yard sales that never happen" may have tons of things that will help people. Of course we all must choose what battles to fight, and if you don't feel this is "your cause" that is ok, but keep in mind- especially wiccans - that your actions good and bad return to you, and helping anyone in need will grant you gifts in return. our value is not only in money! We can send help in so many ways that i doubt that very many of us dont have something we can do (even if it boils down to sending energy.

I would love to do it through witchschool or correllian tradition, but i have no ability to travel. I hope we can provide help under our own flag. If anyone who is organizing an effort could work out a list of supplies needed, information, and an address that would be perfect.


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