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as my name suggests im in search of a wiccan name please help me

A name is rather important to me it definds a person who they are and discribes the legacy they have left behind I have no name theirfore no discription or term to leave behind me. My ancesrty is wide from native american irish english Sicilian Italian and african I bare the Mediterranean birthmark as does my one year old boy he is disabled but a fighter he hasn't a name either. I could use imput. I work with cottage and green magic as well as see spirits and commune with them I'm drawn to the ocean mermaids and fae that's a bit. About me

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My son had open heart at 3 months and was told due to his severe epilepsy and delay that he wouldn't make it to 1 he turned one feb 9th this year they told us if he wasn't a vegitable he would be lucky to make 5 so he is my total warrior. I was told I couldn't have children so in may I performed a fertility. Spell and in june I became pregnant after 2 years of trying this was a shock to us all so he was supposed to be here one way or the other.
Its a bruse looking birthmark eather on the bottom like my sons or on the end of the spine like mine but do you have any suggestions to a name for us?
The thing is I'm new to the wiccan religion and don't know much so I'm asking for suggested names and the one that Calls to me I woto meuld choose
I like that
Maybe someone will or give me suggestions or point me in the directions I must go
We can have magickal names? Not to sound dumb or seem so, but I've never heard of those before, but I have always called myself Slyrin...I don't remember when I started with it, but I made my PSN Slyrin and all my friends call me Slyrin now. Could that be a magick name?
My Wolf *Spirit animal* told me his name is Ryka and I never knew he really had a name because I had never thought to ask him, but I like how Ryka sounds...just saying it feels energizing lol Anyway lol
Thats very interesting and thanks for being such a great help Moonjoy, btw thanks :)
I feel like its a drive in me to find a name for myself a personal label to belong to me
That is a really fun generator. I am now know as John Tomas Burning Rash! Jus' kiddin'. Nobody call me that.
Merry Meet Nameless,
You are not bound to your Wiccan name. You can change it after much consideration and focus on new areas.
So chose a name for yourself now and know that you can change that if it doesn't suit you. You mentioned green magic and being drawn to spirits, fae, the ocean and mermaids.
That could go into your name. You don't have to use the English language. You can use Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc..

Gerald Gardner even changed the names of the primary Wiccan Gods one time.

Let your son name himself when he is ready to.


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