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I kept saying bathbomb ritual for no reason XD anyways I used sea salt as a grounding technique and vanilla and peppermint bath confetti just for positive energies I then used vanilla oil to keep things sweetened and pure bubble bath just for a new way of doing it. Then I practically used so much lavender bath salts to relax my mind and ease my way into meditation and astral projecting then used cool water bath salts for my element water and honey comb soap to keep my spell working well. Just an idea for you guys out there I'm a witch in the broom closet and bathrooms are my only privacy and no I made sure my familiar stayed away so he wouldn't just jump in. Anyways this bath is good for meditating spell work maybe I'm testing it out as we speak. And great for relaxing before a fresh day tomorrow. The intent is to bring all positive energies to you with out force and very natural of course. And to bring peace to your mind I'm hoping it eases my mental health some however I have noticed my depression decreases each bath ritual due to meditations increasing :-) anyways enjoy this please.
P.S it works great with gloqsticks but I don't have any on me right now

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WOW! That sounds so good on many levels.

It is really just give it a shot go to for the organic stuff it helps ease the meditations that way.


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