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i hope that you all are having a beautiful and blessed day!  i am just beginning my book of shadows, and as i am new to the path as far as this lifetime, i was just wondering what others may have included when they started their BOSs. any must haves?

i appreciate any input any of you would be willing to share.

blessed be!

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You should start your BoS with a Blessing as the first least that's how I started mine. You can find a lot of BoS Blessings just by searching Google =) If you would like more detailed help, feel free to message me.

great info Willow Green!
On the first page I put on my magickal name and an illustration that caught my eye and made me think of magic. Then, on the second page I wrote down the Wiccan Redes as a reminder of the path I was beginning to follow. That's just what seemed right for me to start a Book of Shadows (or, in my case, a notebook of shadows!!! I really plan on making it a real book someday)
that sounds great~

My BoS is fairly new, too. I keep getting distracted from adding to it because I've been so busy with school and such. Here is a great article about Books of Shadow:

Good luck!
thank you all very much for your advice!

have a beautiful day and BB!
The first BOS I had was a regular notebook but it ended up not working for me, So I ended up using a Binder along with sheet protectors because I am known for accidents. Bless your book, make some tabs for different subjects, oh and make a section in your bos for a journal.
The Rede, of course. But other than that, I think, things that are meaningful to you. I have a version of creation, the meaning of the points of the pentagram, a form used for working a spell, recipes for spells, what days for what spells, the eanings of the different phases of the moon, info on the Guardians of the Watchtowers, colors of the directions, info on qualities of stones, herbs, colors, numbers....etc. You will fine a plethera of information that you will want to incorporate...have fun!
Hi Linda,
I am wondering if you would be willing to share or explain what the form is that you use for working a spell? I would also like to ask how long you have been creating your Book?
hi jenna, iam also finishing my first b.o.s and is a great feeling. you can google it and their is many sites were they will give u some info on how to make it and what to put in to it . but always remember this is your book you, your spells, rituals special dates, all the info you need. you should put a table of contents this way its more organize and this way is easier for . good luck bb
The Wheel of the year and the Rede was somethings I have in mine. It was important for me to know and understand the Sabbaths. Being new to the path I wanted to understand when and why the Sabbaths where. Then the Rede was my "words to live by" so I wanted to see that everytime I opened my book.
I am only a few months into creating mine as well. In the front I did my blessing and started detailing rituals that have worked well for me, and then from the back I started a reference section with info on the planets, elements, runes, theban, colors, etc. I also put in a chart with all the phases of the moon and the dates for each through 2012. Next will be herbs and gems but I must admit I've been putting it off since its such alot of info and I'm not sure how to arrange it yet. :)


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