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Merry meet everyone! I am putting together "The Broom Closet Project." The concept is like the "It Gets Better Project." It is to help and aid a lot of younger teens or even older people that are in the broom closet or those that came out have issues with people judging them and mistreat them. I know we all still deal with this in our everyday lives, but a lot of us are confident. I would like to make a video with all of us and do a "Broom Closet Project" segment with my fellow family who practice the craft. All walks of life are all welcome of course! If you are interested in taking part of this let me know!
You can comment here or email me at

I will be collecting all the names of interested participants and hopefully in the end of next month I can ask for video submissions.

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I would absolutely LOVE to be a part of this!!!! :D I was in the broom closet the first 2 years of my participation in the Craft, but then I found the liberation and bravery to come out as a Witch.
I am also transgender, so it was a double closet breakthrough lol. Best decision I ever made, in fact it was more that I 'had' to for my own sanity.

But I'd love to be involved! My Craft name is Darkur NyghtFrost, you can email me at

Blessed Be!

I just E-Mailed you. Thank you so much!

Thank you very very much! I am very grateful for this :D

I certainly love the idea but am not up for making a video entry myself. I just don't have the equipment, not even a web cam. I never did get one as I'm just not interested in doing videos. Is that odd? Maybe, but cant stand the idea of putting myself out there on that level.


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