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Celebrating Life Through Love By Harold W. Becker ... And ... The Soul Mantra By Tercy Logan ... And ... Embodying Mahatma’s Role By Natalie Glasson

Celebrating Life Through Love By Harold W. Becker

Immersed in a world filled with spectacular beauty, awe-inspiring wonder and unbelievable interwoven intricacy, our life’s journey has all the potential to be one of immense joy. The sheer scale and scope of our universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to the billions of galaxies that comprise our known reality, all interact in a cosmic dance that brings us to this personal present moment.

Yet, beyond all this magnificence is something even more exquisite – the eternal presence and expression of unconditional love. This seemingly invisible, yet all pervasive expression of love is the unifying, animating principle that flows through and around us.

Over eons of time and for countless reasons, we have forgotten our connection to our innate grandness and the love that beats our heart in unison with the celestial heavens. This gradual separation from love caused us to use the gift of our imagination in ever increasing devastating and detrimental ways instead of invoking the amazing potentials that expand creation itself.

Through our corporeal nature and survival focus, we began to doubt our creative countenance and natural state of loving balance and instead, we emerged into realities of pain and suffering, control, domination, disease and despair. These destructive energies have held us in states of fear for entirely too long. They are neither natural nor necessary and no longer serve us in viable and sustainable ways.

Each of us are brilliant beings of infinite possibility. We have the capacity to think and feel in ways that no other living creature can, along with conscious self-awareness that acknowledges our own presence in the universe.

Endowed with the creative sentience to imagine realities and the mental, physical and emotional talents to manifest our ideas, we are remarkable in every sense. Most importantly, everyone shares these same potentials and each of us can create from our heart without restraint.

Our single greatest challenge is to overcome the inertia of our individual and collective predisposition to our perceived limitations. Through sustained habit of thinking, which develops into belief that something is true, we forge pathways and grooves both in our inner landscape of synapses and brain cognition, and out into our world through ritual, tradition, culture and social expectation. Believing our personal shortcomings are unchangeable, we continuously state and suggest the same to one another, thus perpetuating the dilemma of ineffectual limitation.

The truly astounding opportunity before us is the simple awakening and remembering of our intrinsic embodied love. At the center of our being, the spark of love forever awaits our recognition. When we go within, we feel its presence instantly and love has the profound ability to permeate our consciousness when we focus upon it.

Reuniting with love is our way forward. The more we consciously and willingly bring love into our thinking and feeling, the greater and faster we transform and manifest a viable and thriving reality filled with love. Life once again becomes a celebration of the love that we are.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President

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✣...Every great Teacher who has ever walked the planet has told you that life was meant to be Abundant... ✣ James Ray Image


Soul Mantra was first brought forth by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul in the Alice Bailey books, and it is the most profound mantra. This mantra will completely activate your higher self and monad. It also can use this mantra to center yourself anytime you get off center.

Prior to all spiritual work say this mantra: "I Am the Monad, I Am the soul, I Am the light divine, I Am love, I Am will, I Am fixed design."

Wish you a wonderful day with lots of love & light to all my Divine Friends. Tercy


Ascended Master Djwhal Khul (DK) says to love the Earth. He said that loving Earth life was one of the keys to achieving ultimate liberation from it.

Some lightworkers regard Earth as a prison or hell. This is faulty thinking. Earth, potentially, is a heaven . If everyone demonstrated fifth-dimensional consciousness on Earth, it would be a wonderful place to live.

Our work is to cocreate Heaven on Earth. We are here to demonstrate the love, joy, peace and mastery that can be had on Earth by living here as Ascended Masters.

Wish you a wonderful afternoon with lots of love and light. Tercy

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Embodying Mahatma’s Role

By Natalie Glasson

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Mahatma the Cosmic Logos.....

Greetings I Am Mahatma, known as the Cosmic Logos and overseer of the Universe of the Creator at the highest vibration. My purpose is to maintain the vibration and energy of the Creator throughout all 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe.

I am a consciousness or source rather than one individual being or person. I embody all the expressions and aspects of the Creator within the Universe of the Creator and even beyond.

While I am present within every creation I am also able to expand my vibration to connect with energies beyond the Universe of the Creator in order to heighten the current vibration. When I expand my energy to connect beyond the Universe of the Creator this is when a charge of energy flows through all 352 dimensions raising the vibration of all and aligning all to a greater truth within themselves. You could say my purpose is to simultaneously maintain, raise and expand the vibration of the Universe and all expressions of the Creator on all levels.

Have you ever considered this to be your purpose too, to maintain, raise and expand the vibration of your own being, your environment and areas beyond your current existence? This is a thought process and way of being which is very powerful and empowering for you. It places you in the centre of your reality as the creator of your experiences and a being able to positively impact others.

It is a role of taking responsibility rather than allowing life to be your leader. Take time to contemplate my question to you. Are you willing to accept that it is your purpose to maintain, raise and expand the vibration of your own being, your environment and areas beyond your current existence? If you do not believe this to be one of your many purposes and roles on the Earth, then why not?

Maintaining, Raising and Expanding the Vibration of Your Being

When you accept your inner power, trust in yourself, and know yourself to be a fountain of the Creator’s vibrations and love, then a focus upon maintaining, raising and expanding the vibration of your being becomes very easy.

  • First there is a need to be aware of your current vibration, energy and frequency of light, this requires observation and investigation into your inner light. During meditation or quiet time ask to be made aware of your inner light and to experience it fully in the moment.
  • You may wish to imagine your light within you and acknowledge how it feels or any sensations you gain. Take time to simply be with your inner light and experience it expanding into your entire being. You may not be able to explain your light or its frequency in words, however, you may gain a knowingness or feeling of your light.
  • To achieve this practice as frequently as you are able to is to maintain your light, energy and vibration. Your awareness and intention are more than enough to ensure you sustain the current vibration you embody which has manifested due to your spiritual practices, transformations, healing and inner awakening.
  • To raise your energy vibration is to invite or call forth the updates of energy which are naturally flowing through the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe to anchor and ground into your being. New updates and upgrades of energy are constantly gifted by the Creator, filtered through the dimensions and available for any person to receive. In achieving this process, you will notice your energy vibration rising, a quickening in the speed of your light vibrations and new openings or healings manifesting. Simply say:

‘I call forth from the most appropriate level of the Creator’s Universe the essential and suitable upgraded and updated energies to anchor fully into all levels of my being supporting a rise and quickening in my light. This allows my light to be magnified and empowered, radiating with greater expansion and brightness. I invite Mahatma and my guides to assist, support and oversee this entire process. Thank you.’

  • Expanding your energy vibration requires you to connect with sources of energy outside of yourself, this can be Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Star Beings, Goddess Beings, Mother Earth, Rays of Light or even qualities of the Creator.
  • In doing so you link your energy with a different perception and view of the Creator diverse from your current view. Merging your energy and receiving activations or transformations through the expansion and connection of your light with another source will aid your vibration to expand beyond your current experience and existence. Expanding your energy vibration is to see, sense or acknowledge a new aspect of your being, light and presence, that has not been previously observed.
  • The Universe of the Creator is abundant with inspirational beings of pure light and love who are happy to connect with you and share their energy. Before you begin the practice, you can have someone in mind who you wish to connect with or you can ask for the most divinely appropriate being of light and love to step forth to connect with you, with the purpose of expanding your energy vibration. Simply say:

‘I call upon Mahatma to support, protect and guide me. I wish to connect with ……………., with the purpose of expanding my energy vibration and realising new aspects of myself not previously discovered. I invite ……………. to send me your energy, I am open to receive your energy anchoring it into my being. May this synthesis support the expansion of my energy vibration in a beautiful and positively impactful way. Thank you.’

Maintaining, Raising and Expanding the Vibration for Your Environment

Through achieving the practices, I, Mahatma, have shared with you, you will support the transformation of your environment, meaning the reality you exist within and experience daily, however small or large this may extend to.

To further develop this, you may wish to sit in meditation or quiet time and feel into the energy and light of your reality as a whole, what does the light feel like, or what feelings from connecting with the light of your reality emerge from within your being?

To raise the vibration of your reality there is a need to question within or ask for guidance on which energies from the Universe of the Creator you call upon to transform your reality into a purer higher vibration of light. Focus upon anchoring the light of a source or being from the inner planes, or ask for a quality from the Creator to ground into your reality. See, sense or acknowledge the light flowing into your reality and positively impacting your reality.

To expand the vibration of your reality you can call upon your higher self, higher soul or whatever label you wish to use to download their pure and high vibrational energy and perception into your being, thus offering to you a new perception of the way you view your reality and a new energy vibration within your reality. This higher aspect of yourself will enable you to download and awaken within you all that is needed to recognise your reality from an expanded consciousness and awareness.

Maintaining, Raising and Expanding the Vibration Beyond Your Current Existence

It is valuable to raise and expand your vibration beyond your current existence on the Earth, and to do so is to align your consciousness and entire being with the Universe of the Creator, accepting all that the Universe of the Creator has to share with you. The Universe of the Creator is so vast and expansive, it exists within your being and within all aspects of the Creator.

To accept the energy of the Universe encourages you to let go of illusions, blockages, limitations and stagnant energies. You also allow the Universe of the Creator to cradle and support you in all areas of your being and reality.

‘Mahatma, please support me in maintaining, raising and expanding my vibration beyond my current existence by connecting me with the most appropriate and suitable energy and vibrations of the Universe of the Creator. Please support my connection with the Universe of the Creator and enable me to receive the necessary energy with ease and perfection. My purpose in doing so is to let go of illusions, blockages, limitations and stagnant energies, allowing the Universe of the Creator to cradle and support me in all areas of my being and reality. Thank you.’

Each time you accept yourself as you are now, raise and expand your vibration, you are positively impacting all souls and beings around you, in truth across the entire Earth.

With constant presence, love and support,

Mahatma, Cosmic Logos

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