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What is up with removing posts around here?
What a bunch of nazis!

Life is not all Mary Poppins and sunhine and pink fluffy clouds.

Just because people don't agree and get a little heated or just don't like each other is no reason to remove a post.

Or when you post a link someone doesn't like.

This forum is dead because of this.

Why have a forum if your gonna take out what people say?

Or put rules up saying you must only talk about things I approve of and it must be a fluffy and cute and phony.

Don't talk about anything that is unpleasant and don't have an opinion that isn't approved by me.

And think as I do or else your wrong and not a wiccan.


no wonder this forum is dead.

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If, as I assume, you are referring the the DELETED post we were talking about the books and on the user removed it.

Its unfortunate as the suggestions was a good one and I dont think most users know about it.
I have used it for years and its worth the 8$.

Well yes I was.

Anybody can say anything to me I can take it. I may not like what they are saying but I would never remove their right to say it. is a great site.
I love anything to do with wicca and witchcraft, so I love to read it.
But that can get quite expensive.

I joined for the instruction style books. Things like blacksmithing, coopering and such.

Probably not for everyone but I find it worth it.

I've had several blog posts approved (why do they need approval?) then later erased.

Although I've just become aware that the last one that disappeared, my revision of Lord Don's 'Correllian Soul Retrieval,' has returned. :)


This is not the Facebook group. Most of the people on the Facebook group are not in this Witchschool ning site, either as students, or here in the social site, at all.

Not a lot of people post anything here at all. Blogs are rarely used, except by Rev.Don, Rev. CoriLynne Nichols, and you, (and nox lumen's incense, and gluten free cooking series').

Yet, a few months ago, someone posted a status stating that she was a con artist and ripping people off and it remained clearly visible for 4 days until I reported it to you. Although I see many people join every day, blogs, forums, statuses are rarely used at all, but every blog post has to be approved, forum posts disappear, and statuses don't need looking at?

It is real life. Appropriate for who? Is there someone we are supposed to impress?

It's real people having a conversation and it is this way face to face.

My mom was like this. Anything unpleasant or people having real emotions that aren't exactly positive, she couldn't deal with. Everything was roses and nothing bad happened to anyone. It is not real life.

And this is most definitely censorship. It makes you uncomfortable so you are removing it.

Not right. NOT wiccan. NOT RIGHT ACTION.


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