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Changing Age Limit for Witch School Social to 15 years Old

Hi everyone,

We are considering increasing the age limit for Witch School Social to 15 years of Age. This will change a little of how young we allow on this site, but will not affect the actual classes site.

We have a site called The Young Witches which will allow us to focus some of the overflow, and have a younger focus. Tell me what you think?

To check out the Young Witches Site,

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Increase the age limit? What's the current age limit?
by Law 13, and it has been for ten years, and over two years we have been at this.
MM. I really wish there is a way that can determine someone's real age since anyone can fudge their age when they fill out their info when they first join. BB.
are all these teens from the same place ? after all the laws very from state to state , and we have adults from all around the world here so I would suspect it would be the same for teens , I would consult the sits legal BB
I agree it would be hard to regulate because people could just lie about their actual age, but at the same time i think it might be a good idea to increase the age limit. quite often when we are in chat and discussing serious, or even not so serious, issues we have someone join the conversation and all they want to talk about are love spells, or asking questions that have no relevance to the topic at the moment. things like "does anyone have a broom?" or "does anyone have a real wand?", come on, most of us have had the same wand for the last thirty years, and while we don't mind sharing information it sometimes gets to the point where i feel like i'm babysitting. maybe make up a test, ask for a background bio, ask why they want to join witchschool, find out their maturity level from their answers, then place them in the appropriate level. there are certain "young people" on this site, ages 16 and 17, who are more mature than some adults i know, like Arocos, he would hardly be considered a 16 year old if you didn't know his actual age, and Lexi, her as well. i don't know what the solution is, but i do agree that it can be an issue. but ...then again... what do i know. Blessed Be Briawen
BB and good morning , just make sure its within the law, most young people are still governed by there parents, and I would not wish for us to step on toes and open a can of worms for the site, as it is a wonderful place. Yes I know of the group and I understand there wanting to learn and for us to be more open, but we must remain within the law. so choose wisely my admin and think carefully, some parents can be real sticklers . MP
You've all made some sound points and I agree with MoonJoy about providing a place for younger witches to go. And adult conversations belong to adults, not to children, no offense to children, but there is a time and place for everything. I'm for raising the age limit, if it's within the law. Witchschool does offer a great deal to a lot of people of ALL ages and to limit that even more is a weighty decision. I'm not only talking about just the chat room, but also the great array of educational classes and degrees one can achieve. I'm sure that Adminstration will make the right decision for our youth.

if it were not for Ed and the council of Elders, we would not even have this site and all of us perhaps would be running around looking for others, and its not that we all not have the right to learn, but there are still many out there have have control of where and what their teens are interested in , Ive seen the complaints here posted on the boards, so all Im saying is that I dont wish to open a can of worms. lawsuits can cost, and to drag the whole sight to close, we cant prove age , we cant really know just how old a person really is what if there 10 ? and we are world wide, so Im saying look before we leap Good luck with this BB
I think it's an excellent idea. To be honest I think it should go all the way to 18.

But 15 is a solid start. It's also very positive that you aren't excluding them, rather catering to them on a different social network.

Bravo! I applaud!
I can't say I can agree to it ever being raised to 18. I became involved on WSI when I was 16 (17 now) and I have made a point to be an example to those of the younger crowd to the importance of this educational site. I along with others in the teenage crowd have been able to learn and participate in a mature environment which we would have failed to do elsewhere safely and effectively.
Blessed Travels
Well to tell the truth, I am 19. I am not saying that to let myself out there as a creeper. Anyway, I can see why you want to have the minimum at 15 years. 13 years is a little immature, but 15 is closer to adulthood. Then again, The Young Witches is a good place for the younger ages, but when people start to lie about there age in order to talk with other adults happen...well, you can see it how they speak.


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