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To My Fellow Correllians:

My name is Rev KaiAidan, HPS and I am the Shrine Head of the Children Are the Future Formal Shrine. The purpose of the CATF is to educate the future generation of pagans through resources and support to children, parents, and clerical representatives. While this issue is important to paganism as a whole our focus is to the membership of the Correllian Nativist Tradition.

There are a lot of solitary Correllian Parents who wish to teach their children about paganism. There are also many Shrines and Temples have members with children. While some children are learning about the Correllian Tradition and paganism in general through their parents or Shrine/Temple programs other children are falling through the cracks due to lack of resources and support. Please help us at the Children Are the Future Formal Shrine reach everyone who is in need of pagan children resources and support.

It has come to our attention that there are many members of the CNT that have written or made projects, booklets, and other resources geared towards pagan children. If anyone has a resource that they have created that they would like to share with the CATF we would appreciate the extra resources. All work that is shared of course will remain the copyright of the author. Please email the Shrine if you have a resource to share at or

Rev. Kai Aidan HPS

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At some point when I have some free time, I'll see if I still have any of the materials that I wrote.

I don't know if it is within the scope of your shrine, but since it is National Adoption Awareness Month, I was wondering if there are resources within the tradition for those who have adopted children or to encourage people to adopt children. Historically, adoption has been a part of many minority religions, and it can be challenging for children in the foster care system who follow pagan spiritual paths to find adoptive parents who will support them in their chosen spiritual path.

This Was always an issue for me while raising my now teenage kids. i find it easier to talk with them about paganism now that they are older but wish i would have had more resources while they were younger. glad someone is out there helping parents with this task!

I went ahead and featured you forum.
Consider becoming part of the content team.

There are currently a number of pagan family related books on the market. If you go to and search for pagan parenting or pagan family topics, you will find a fair selection. Just take the list to the library or bookstore and see how many you can find. Many bookstores are also happy to send for the titles you are most interested in.

I'm a homeschooling mum and would love to add this in my program as we just make up our own as in Australia at our libraries I've not found anything of any use. is my email if you have anything that would help would be amazing kindest regards Tam

I'm also a homeschooling mom and am looking for more resources for my children. I wanted to share the two online resources I found; and I found these sites by joining pagan groups on facebook. Facebook has a lot of different pages and groups you may be able to find a local group but if not you could always start one. good luck!

Has anyone looked at the spiral scouts material? In the early 2000's I was involved in helping the group in Aldephi MD. I'm not sure I still have the materiel but it was based on Cub scouts books with an emphasis on Nature and Goddess,including the celebration of our Full Moon Dark Moon and Wheel of the Year

I'm thankful for this, so, thank you all!

I'm not sure where we found this ritual. However, when my daughter was about 6 yrs old she did an "Ichy Hiccups" ritual. She would walk in a circle 3 times chanting "Ichy hiccups go away. Ichy hiccups never stay." I was simple, but effective and she loved it.


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