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Choosing To Be Here & Find Happiness Within You By Matt Kahn ... And ... Full Being Imprinting of Magnificence By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Pre-Lion’s Gate Purple-Rose Light Meditation

Choosing To Be Here & Find Happiness Within You

By Matt Kahn

You only reach emotional breaking points when forgetting to reach out and ask for help. Gone are the days where you're able to be fooled by your ego’s belief in not wanting to burden others with your problems -- when, in reality, the very issues you invite others to hold space for equally assist in their healing journey as well.

Your sharing doesn’t have to be focused on helping other people, but merely the authentic confession of what you are having a hard time feeling.

When asking for help, you are inviting others to remember their purpose as light workers; to shine their light of unconditional love just by helping you remember that you aren’t alone in your journey or experiences.

Even if others seem unwilling to give you the support you desire, just by taking the time to ask for what you need, you will feel more supported through your asking -- even if the ego gets bruised by moments of rejection. Far worse than asking for help that others cannot provide at that time, is bottling up your emotions and/or hiding from them.

As more of our Earth plane fills with the energy of Unity Consciousness, you will be able to live in a world where the deep matters of emotional processing can be shared openly and genuinely. If it seems as if no one can hold such space for you, call upon the Universe to reveal the ways in which it is always conspiring in your favor. You can use the following mantra each morning and night to establish a conscious connection with Source:

“I call upon my angels, spirit guides, the Universe, and my Higher Self to reveal how I am divinely guided, and to provide me with the greater support I desire now.”

Perhaps such a mantra feels soothing, nourishing, and enlivening because it energetically activates the remembrance that, while you seem to be a person dwelling in a Universe, it is the Universe that dwells in you.

Whether such a realization has occurred, or continues to open within you, it is important to remember: while it all dwells within you, you cannot do it all yourself! If that were the case, no one else would have the beauty of discovering the power of his or her unique contribution. Whether you believe anyone in your life is able to hold space to not, you will always feel more connected whenever you ask. You can always let the other person know: I don’t need help, I just need to be heard. Can you please just listen and witness the words I need to get out of my system?”

May you be proud of yourself for requesting the help you need, while also developing compassion for others who are learning how to help-- in whatever ways they are (or are not) able to be there for you.

Whether this renews sparks in relationships by allowing partners to feel more heroic through invitations to be helpful, or guides you inward to establish a more conscious communion with your inner guidance, the Universe wants you to know how profoundly the world can heal when you open up and share vulnerably with others. All too often, it is your willingness to be vulnerable first that makes it safe for others to step outside their defense mechanisms which, in turn, allows you to feel safer to openly engage and share.

As always, the power of love is always within you, moving you towards greater frontiers of expanded reality, whether you see them on the horizon or not.

All for light. All for life. All for love.


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Full Being Imprinting of Magnificence By Natalie Glasson & The Celestial Unicorns & Dolphins

Message From The Celestial Unicorns & Dolphins .....

Our truth is your truth, your truth is our truth, our combined truth does not belong to us and yet we are one.

We come as a reminder of your purity and divinity; we are the consciousness of the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins of the 14th Dimension. We bring to your presence the light, love, peace and bliss of the 14th dimension.

In this era of love, with love building within and all around you, it is time for you to more fully awaken to the magnificence of the Creator, and more importantly the magnificent of the Creator within you and around you. Do you believe the magnificence of the Creator works through you, existing in every cell of your body?

It is important in this moment to allow the love of the Creator to open the gates of the universe to you, so you may see the magnificence in the universe and all around you. The consciousness of humanity and the Earth is altering tremendously with each cycle of night and day upon the Earth.

If you allow yourself to open to inspiration from the Creator experiencing the magnificence that is permanently present, it will imprint upon your own consciousness, therefore filtering into the general consciousness of humanity and the Earth. In this moment you have a divine purpose of altering the consciousness of the Earth and imprinting the divine into the minds of many, including your own.

When you experience the divine and love of the Creator, it is often unexplainable in words, but may come forth in feelings or visions. Sometimes you may not understand this fully, but there is a sense of recognition, inspiration and knowingness.

With recognition, inspiration, and knowingness of the Creator present within your mind and consciousness, there is a powerful connection and expression of the Creator which holds a quality of belief which can be unmovable. Allowing for such energies to be implanted into your mind and consciousness will ensure that others are able to access the same energy and belief in the Creator.

 It is important to remember you are a powerful beacon of expression of the Creator, and more importantly, you are a powerful anchor of the Creator. Wisdom and inspiration flows into your mind, understanding and consciousness not only to guide you, but also because your mind and consciousness are a powerful anchor and magnifier of the energy.

Your mind and consciousness are connected to all beings and souls upon the Earth and the inner planes. That which you experience within your mind and consciousness is literally akin to another reality, and like a radio wave is shared openly, and often unconsciously with every other soul upon the Earth.

It is important to recognise that negative thoughts within the mind and consciousness of your own being and of humanity can easily be cancelled out and erased through the acceptance of divine recognition, inspiration and knowingness.

This doesn't even have to come from you, it can be implanted or activated within your mind and consciousness. Negative energies are erased due to recognition, inspiration and knowingness allowing you to see the magnificence of the Creator which is in akin to seeing the truth of the Creator.

We are sharing with you that if you allow yourself to be open to the presence of the Creator penetrating your mind and consciousness you may receive experiences of recognition, inspiration and knowingness which will connect you to the magnificence of the Creator. Not only will you benefit from this process, through the energy being implanted into your mind, it will filter into the consciousness of humanity.

As you surrender more fully to the process, you will give to us the opportunity to truly use your mind as an anchor for sacred and new wisdom which needs to be embedded into the Earth and humanity's energetic structure. Your mind and consciousness will become akin to a treasure chest of new divine wisdom appropriate to this current era of love.

Many perspectives of humanity and even your own perspective must alter to accommodate embodiment of the Era of Love. Some of the information and sacred wisdom will be useful to you, supporting your own spiritual awakening, while other information will be naturally and automatically transmitted into the consciousness of humanity and the Earth simply through your love vibration.

When we ask you to focus upon love and to emanate it from your being, we are preparing you for a time when you will express the entire universe of the Creator, and all that is appropriate and needed through your being as a natural existence and expression of your reality. Sacred, wisdom, codes, symbols, enlightenment and so much more will flow through your being.

It will be especially transmitted from your mind and consciousness to others upon the Earth.  Imagine every soul achieving the same, it would be akin to a network and powerful light and love source of an expression of the Creator. You will see, acknowledge and sense the Creator flowing through and from, to and within your entire being. It may be difficult to imagine; it is an experience of oneness upon the Earth and an experience of the Creator.

If you feel guided, we wish to support you in experiencing and accessing the magnificence of the Creator on behalf of yourself and humanity. With the unicorn and dolphin consciousness of the celestial levels of the 14th dimension, we recognise within us a deep state of purity which leads to the experience of divine magnificence.

Video - "Full Being Imprinting of Magnificence By Celestial White Beings & Dolphins"

The presence of the magnificence of the Creator can easily be accessed with our energies because it is a quality of the Creator we naturally express. We also wish to support you in upgrading your chakra systems in order to hold more light and anchor the magnificence of the Creator into your chakra consciousness. This will allow you to experience the divine magnificence of the Creator more fully.

Practice .....

Allow yourself to sit peacefully and gain a deep state of meditation, and invoke:

'I now call upon the loving protection and support of my angelic community and guides. I ask to be aligned with the unicorn and dolphin consciousness of the celestial levels of the 14th dimension.'

Imagine first the pearlescent light of the unicorns flowing through your crown chakra, through your chakra column and filling your entire torso with light.

Imagine the pale blue light of the dolphins flowing through your crown chakra, through your chakra column and resting in each chakra being supported by the unicorn light.

As the energy builds the unicorn and dolphin celestial light merges together and flows back up your chakra column beginning with your root chakra. The combined and merged light first penetrates and glows within your root chakra until it overflows into your sacral chakra and so forth all the way up through your chakra column into your solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

The entrance into the combined light is important; allow as much time as is needed. You are activating the consciousness of experiencing the magnificence of the Creator in each chakra.

The light will overflow from your crown chakra and some energy will flow into your mind and consciousness in order to bring forth, if appropriate, recognition, inspiration and knowingness of the Creator, therefore opening the gateways to experiencing or recognising the magnificence of the Creator.

The above is a preparatory meditation, you can then continue if you wish with this invocation and intention.

'I invoke the appropriate divine information and sacred wisdom from the Creator to pour into my entire being, especially my mind and my consciousness. Let the divine imprint wisdom and information within my mind and consciousness support my own ascension and support a shift of humanity's consciousness.

Let the divine information and sacred wisdom intended for humanity filter from my mind into the minds of others, like an energetic wave, encouraging all to recognise the magnificence of the Creator. Thank you.'

Allow the light of the Creator to flow into your mind and allow yourself to be accepting of the magnificence of the Creator.

Please know that you do not necessarily need to express the wisdom and insights verbally, just your recognition is enough.

We are here to support you and to ignite the magnificence of the Creator within you.

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Pre-Lion’s Gate Purple-Rose Light Meditation

Greetings dear LoveLights,


A warm welcome to all joining in this meditation circle for the first time, and much love and gratitude to everyone bringing your Inner Divine Light through this circle of Universal Love, with and around this beautiful Earth!  

Leading toward the Lion’s Gate (which opens on July 26th, peaks through the 8th of the 8th/8-8, and completes around August 15th, each year), many loving Lights in the higher dimensions are flowing the purple-violet-magenta-rose vibrational spectrum around the Earth, in communion with Gaia’s heart, and are asking Love Anchors on Earth to align and anchor this light through our hearts and energy fields into the planetary energy field and light-grids.

We’re activating this as a group through July 21st 2019 (where 2019=12), through the mirror vibration of 21-7-12 (3-7-3), where Seventh Heaven/Seventh Dimensional light frequencies of Divine Grace are flowing through the zero-point within the spiritual ‘master number’ vibration of 33.

As the Purple-to-Rose vibrations flow through this mini-gate, if you feel an inner call to continue focusing with this light through to July 26th, please do! If you enjoy working with crystal companions in meditation, and/or anchoring energies through crystal grids, amethyst, dream amethyst, iolite and rose quartz are all closely attuned with this light in-flow.




Begin with breathing deeply into your heart and gently relax. Breathe…relax…know you are cradled in the eternal LoveLight of Source and countless guiding, supporting, protecting Beings of Love….cradled in the pure Light of your Soul….connected in every moment with the Heart of beloved Gaia, and with all assisting soul groups and higher dimensional light-grids around this planet and Solar System.

Feel yourself bathed, embraced and always supported by the infinite Love of your Soul, your soul families in the higher dimensional layers of Light, by those guiding and guarding the planetary Shift, and the eternal Source of all Life. Deep joy flows with this loving group and all within and around the Earth focusing for ascension, within this great Wave of Loving Transformation.

Feel the warmest, most peaceful lovelight filling you as you breathe into your heart, radiating from you like a Star as you breathe out, joyful, blissful, in harmony with the Universe. Honour the divine soul expression of the Infinite Source you are ~ we all are ~ all life is.

As you breathe the Light of Oneness into your being, know that in this moment the whole Earth, the energy field of the planet, all of Gaia’s higher dimensional light-grids, are bathed in Purple Light….and see, feel, hold the intention of this beautiful light filling your heart as you breathe in.

This Purple Light is glimmering with magenta, violet and rose high-lights. As you breathe in and out, deep and relaxed, let yourself attune with all the qualities vibrating through this light spectrum ~ compassion for self and life, benevolent transformation, warm loving cherishment, emotional freedom, deep passionate dedication to Love, to Ascension, to the Ascended Earth.

Feel this gift of Love emanating from Divine Grace, Sacred Oneness, flowing through you effortlessly, in union and unity with all in this circle and all assisting beings of love holding focus for planetary ascension into peace, joy and unity with the interplanetary and galactic community of Love.

See, feel, hold the intention of the sacred Purple~Rose Light anchoring through you, and radiating all around you, connecting with Gaia and all the supporting light-grids, for the freedom in Love of this beautiful planet Earth, humanity, and all life on Earth, within the Solar System and beyond. We are the Love, we are the Light, we are the Oneness.

We call through our beings the divine Purple~Rose LoveLight, activating the natural Love, Compassion and Cherishment impulse within all life on Earth, together as One in the network of Universal Love, radiating Unconditional Love through our beings in unity with the Ascended Earth, the planetary light-grids, humanity and all life, in union with beloved Gaia. May the infinitely renewing Light of the Divinity Within unfold this planetary Shift in ever deeper joy and sweetness. And So BE It.




Thank you all dear friends on Earth for BEing here, anchoring and flowing your gifts of Love. Loving gratitude to you and all beings of Love guiding, supporting and assisting this beautiful planetary ascension,





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