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Greetings all!

I would like to take this occasion to congratulate Mike Ferrell, Lindsay Irvin, and David Moore on their new positions within the Witch School family! As you may know Mike Ferrell, Witch School's long-term Chief Tech, has taken the position of CEO for the school. Lindsay Irvin has become the Director of Operations for the school. And David Moore has become President of Tarot College. Congratulations to all of you – and I am sure you will all do a most magnificent job!

I am very happy to see this development, because one of the greatest challenges an organization can face is moving from one generation of leadership to the next. Often this is a disjointed and haphazard process that can do great damage to the organization in question. A smooth transition like this to a new leadership is much to be desired, and a vital step into the future for Witch School. I also must say that these are absolutely the best people to lead the school into that future.

I am especially proud to see Mike Ferrell take the position of CEO for Witch School. I have known Mike since he was a teenager, and have watched his skills blossom and grow over the years. Witch School has always believed in promoting young people, and in Mike this policy has proven to be extremely successful. The Witch School site and its subsites are extremely deep and complex – more and more so by the year- and Mike has done a wonderful job in expanding and maintaining them as technology has changed and developed. As Chief Tech he has also faced and survived numerous hacking attacks, some of which were widespread and took out companies with less gifted Tech Gods. I am absolutely certain that Witch School is in safe hands with Mike, and that he will tend it as effectively as CEO as he so long done as Tech God.

Some people are asking if I will still be Chancellor of Witch School. The answer to this is no. This last year has necessitated many changes, and I have found that I cannot effectively be Chancellor of both Witch School and Chancellor of the Correllian Tradition. Witch School is independent of the Tradition with widely different duties best handled by Michael and Lindsay. I will however continue to be highly involved with Witch School. I will be continuing to provide content for Witch School, Tarot College, and Magick TV, and I am very happy in that role. In particular I have spent much of the last year working on the long-anticipated Correllian video lessons which will be making their debut soon, and which I feel will be a revolutionary development in their way. I am also working on a variety of other instructional materials for the future.

So, again, congratulations Mike, Lindsay, and David! I look forward to working with you and and am sure that in your hands the future of the Witch School family will be even greater than its past! I hope that I can count on everyone to give Mike, Lindsay, and David the same support that I myself give them, as they move forward in their new positions!

Blessings all,
Rev. Don

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Thank you so much, Rev. Don. We'll work hard toward being worthy of such expectations. Blessed be.

♣ Congratulations to the New Witch School Crew! ♣ Rev. Don Lewis, you brought Witch School into being from it's beginnings, along with Ed Hubbard. Now a New Crew is sailing this Magickal Ship into it's future. ♣ Rev. Don, you now have the tremendous burden of endless responsibilities, and having to deal with the silliness that sometimes happens here... lifted from your shoulders, so that your physical healing may flourish forth. You can now concentrate on being the First Priest and Chancellor of the official Correllian Tradition itself... and let other talented and capable persons be in charge of this very eclectic social site. ♣

congz guy blessed be\


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