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Merry meet everyone,

I'd like to know whether you have been contacted by your deceased loved one from the Spirit World and how they made contact with you?

Was it a dream visit? A familiar smell or song at a significant time? What else happened?

Susan Wheeler

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my husband passed away march of 2014. Ever since then he has made his presence known by moving things around the apartment, opening the elevator when I walk out of the apartment and so forth.

I have had a couple of odd things happen. My husband passed away in 2004 and he made contact through the telephone, it kept ringing, when i answered it, all i heard was static and my name, when he couldn't contact me that way he changed to walking up the stairs and trying to open the bedroom door, from then on it has been dreams and blue orbs.
my nan visited me once and i knew it was her as all i could smell was talcum powder and cigarette smoke, no one in the house smokes or wears that brand of talc.
i have seen many different things in my home such as black orbs, swirling smoke, a square creature with long rectangle arms and legs which tried to climb up onto my bed, we locked eyes and it vanished. i have seen orbs raining down in my bedroom, a teenage boy with blond hair, felt a rabbit sized creature sit next to me on my bed, seen black figures walk through my doors during the day as well as a black doorway which i accidentally walked through which gave me a year or more of problems. my dad visits me in dreams but never says anything, i never see my granddad, i see shadows of my dogs and see black bat like things fly across the ceiling and disappear behind the wardrobe, daily. mostly i see my relatives in dreams, i haven't had a visitation from them for some time any other way.


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