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What Will You Carry Into 2021? By Ann Albers...And...All That Happens In Your World Is Leading You To A Higher State ... And... Do You Receive Divine Gifts From The Angelic Realm By Shanta Gabriel ?

What Will You Carry Into 2021? By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Let's take with us only the blessings of 2020! The angels and I share some thoughts on how to do that.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

The Angels Message .....

We love you so very much,

As you approach the end of a year unlike any other, ask yourself, "What do I want to take with me as I move forward into a new year?" As challenging as this year has been, the gifts have been many.

If you focus on what you are vehemently glad to be leaving behind, you will energetically take it with you. If instead you focus with appreciation upon what you have learned, how you have grown, and all the gifts of grace that have emerged from the seeming chaos, then you take those gifts with you.

You can pick up the gifts of 2020 and bring them into 2021, or you can carry the baggage and bring that forward.

For all its challenges, this year has changed humanity's future for the better in ways you cannot yet see or imagine. At the beginning of this year, you lived upon a planet where many people were becoming increasingly disconnected, texting more than talking, rushing instead of taking time to relax, be, contemplate, and create from the inside out.

You lived on a planet where Mother Nature was taken for granted by a large portion of the population, as were many of life's simple pleasures. You lived on a planet where a large number of people who support your society remained the quiet and unsung heroes while those who amassed wealth and celebrity were celebrated. You lived on a planet that had become apathetic about racial injustice, and where many remained unaware of the preciousness of their own neighbors.

And then along came covid – a thought form introduced by a group of scientific beings from another dimension, in the hopes they could stir up enough energy to maintain themselves. Long ago they lost their experience of love and connection with the Source.

Nothing, of course, can be disconnected from the Source, but when an individual, or a race of beings, ceases to feel emotion and ceases to love, the connection to source cannot be felt. They became parasitic, able to live only upon the energy of others – a virus so to speak. And thus covid-the-thought form was introduced into certain minds upon your planet who were seeking to understand such things, and who had no idea what they were playing with.

As the virus of fear was propagated, the thought form became a thing, and infested both minds and bodies. Your planet became obsessed with death, but in reaction, a light began to shine brightly within you as you also became obsessed with coming to life.

In your separation you craved connection. You no longer took relationships, toilet paper, groceries, delivery people, clerks, or even your own breath for granted. You sent out signals unto the heavens that your hearts truly wanted to be nit together.

And then, all that separates you began to surface, for when you send a cry for light it cannot help but shine upon the darkness. Your racial divisions became too obvious to be swept under the rug, and millions more sent out a cry for an appreciation of diversity – a cry that has been heard and responded to, and has initiated movements in human hearts that will create change for decades to come. Most of you will live to see a world where differences are celebrated.

You will see a world in decades to come that harnesses the forces of nature to create clean energy and has cleaned up the former messes created... and has come together to value the planet upon which you live.

You will see cities with far more greenery in, and between buildings. You will see people coming together to create more old-fashioned communities, parks, gardens, and neighbors assisting neighbors. The world will become your neighborhood.

Your world is changing for the better, even though you can only see the seeds of change. Believe in these seeds dear ones. Believe they will grow. Believe in the better world to come. We see it in your future.

So as you move into 2021, know that the seeds are still germinating beneath the soil in the cells and souls upon your planet. The tilling of the soil is still in progress; the birthing of your world, still in stages of contractions.

There will be great and sometimes vehement disagreements about what constitutes freedom. There will be clashes between people who believe their solution to the world's problems is better than others. Through all of this, dear ones, you will start to realize as a human race that each one of you has an inner compass that guides you like the Christmas Star to the Christ within.

There is no one right solution to any problem. There is only one right for you.

So as you move forward into the New Year, take the time to review 2020 and all the ways in which you've grown, changed, learned, and felt your ever beating hearts. No parasitic energy will ever claim dominance over the human race, because parasites need lower vibrations to live and thrive, and with your ever beating hearts you are still strongly and dearly connected to the Source of all love, all creation, and all that is good and growing in grace.

Happy Near Year dear friends. We are holding the vision with you for your unimaginable and amazing future.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "A NEW BEGINNING & HOW TO MOVE ON ~Archangel Michael & Sananda | A Fresh

Start" -


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

I went back and read the new years' newsletter from January of 2020, and was floored to see the angels' words:

"In the face of the world’s contrasts you come to know and love your own perspectives even more clearly. Rather than looking at the world and judging others as “right" or “wrong," “good" or “bad", instead use the diversity of opinions and activities as a backdrop against which you can more clearly see and acknowledge your own heart and your own truths."

They also encouraged us to live and let live, and to focus on our own hearts and dreams rather than getting sucked into what the world was doing.

At the time I channeled it, I didn't have any idea how clearly those words would be needed in a year that inspired so much divisiveness and chaos. It was all quietly been festering under the surface for a long time.

We used to turn a blind eye to many things, but in 2020 we had to look at everything a bit more clearly – 2020 vision indeed! We started to look through the eyes of our soul. What do we value? What is really in our hearts? What do we want to create in the future?

It was hard for anyone to hide from their own hearts in a year that threw us out of our minds and drove us deep into feeling.

Ultimately that is a good thing.

I have never seen such resourcefulness and care as the quiet heroes came to the surface to be noticed and appreciated. Neighbors sewed masks when there were none. Grocery store workers, delivery people, nurses, doctors, teachers and others who have quietly been pillars of society were appreciated in a whole new way.

We were put into quarantine and got really creative about how we connect. We started to take more charge of our minds and our habits so we wouldn't feel at the mercy of our bodies. We came to appreciate Mother Nature in a whole new way. We were motivated to deeply appreciate the simple things in life. I will never be able to walk past a stack of toilet paper in Costco without wanting to dive into it headfirst with gratitude for its presence!!

More importantly, the appreciation of diversity has taken a huge leap forward as large corporations began to take seriously the need to get rid of systemic injustice and represent all races and perspectives more equally. I know we are far from where we want to be. There is still horrific injustice to be resolved, but there has been more progress in acknowledging diversity this year than I've seen in my entire life. It is about time.

We have changed, and mostly for the better.

With our heart's calling for better, we have used our free will to mobilize the heavens. Angels and supportive other-worldly beings are beaming high vibrational frequencies to the planet.

Amazing children are being born who will help us bring our mother earth back to balance, and show us that we're all God's children. Amazing parents and teachers are creating the space for these souls.

Amazing leaps in science and social justice will be made during the course of our lives. More people are in touch with their hearts, and with the heavens. The veil seems thinner. The desire to connect stronger. These are exciting times!

2021 could be a challenge if we get sucked into the world's view, and choose to look at it as a challenge, or it can be a wonderful year. We can use all our spiritual tools, go within, create, and trust in the power that breathes life into universes can help us move our dreams forward in creative ways.

Whether we quarantine or not, we have the company of angels and the Presence of the divine within.

Whether vaccines excite or upset you, we have a light within that can protect us more strongly than any substance, and a will that can choose to take in only the energies that help.

Whether the economy goes up or down, we can give thanks for all we have and thus tap into an abundance that is independent of human economy.

Whether the world seeks to suck us into fear and divisiveness, we can quietly live in love with life and remain undivided within our own spirit. We can get up, appreciate the sunrise and each new day. We can go to bed and give thanks for life.

And we, in our understandings of a world based on energy vs effort can create a wonderful vibration within that will be reflected without.

Here are a few pointers to move into 2021 in grace:

1. Count the blessings of 2020

For some it was your best year ever, for others the toughest. In any case, you can look back and start to list the many blessings – great and small – that resulted from its challenges and contrast.

Maybe you had to look at something that requires change. It might not have been easy but it will lead you to happier life now that you dare to dream.

Maybe you found you could work from home and even when the world opens up you'll choose to create a new way of working that feels balanced and good to you.

Maybe you explored new interests – took online classes, learned to bake, or learned to zoom so you could attend virtual happy hours!

Maybe you got outside more and came to appreciate mother nature more.

Maybe you appreciate the little things more.

Maybe you learned to care about the perspectives of others more.

Maybe you overcame fears.

Really spend some time to acknowledge yourself for all the blessings and ways you have grown.

2. Thank yourself

For each of the ways in which you've grown or improved, stop and thank yourself. Acknowledge yourself. Say something like, "I acknowledge and appreciate myself for growing. I acknowledge and appreciate that I have grown by..."

Really take time to bless yourself with your own appreciation. It took courage to be alive this year and to remain on this earth. You are mid-wifing a new world for generations to come.

3. Examine who you want to become

Instead of the usual new year's resolutions (or in addition) ask yourself, "Who do I want to be at the end of 2021?" Imagine your personality as you'd love it to be. Imagine that you feel excited and passionate about your dreams. Imagine you are gracious, kind, non-judgmental, kindly powerful. Imagine you have learned the art of compassionate boundaries, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation.

Imagine that you have learned to discern rather than judge. Imagine that you no longer care about what anyone thinks so you can live according to your inner compass and listen to the Divine within. Imagine you feel abundant in all ways. Imagine you are in love with life.

What would this feel like? Imagine you are the person you wish to be. There's no need to imagine the circumstances around you, just imagine instead, the kind of person you wish to be, and how you want to feel about yourself and life.

I've talked to many of you in 2020. I've seen your hearts, your courage, your struggles, your joys, your fears, your creative inspirations, your hopes and dreams. It was a year for letting whatever was lodged deep inside come to the surface so we can decide what to carry forward into a new reality.

Be gentle with yourselves as you move forward. Envision a post-covid world, but not one where the virus is merely gone. Instead imagine a better, kinder, cleaner, and clearer world – one in which we truly embrace the fact that we are all different, all guided, all cared for, and all here with a desire to expand and experience the Love that gives us the very breath we breathe.

Happy New Year. You are all bright and shining beautiful lights!

Visit Ann's Message Archives:

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessing of God's Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are All Divinely Perfect for Each of your Souls on Every Day ! Steven Hutchinson

Video - "2020 end of Year DNA System Upgrade full moon - New Chakra Attunements



All That Happens In Your World Is Leading You To A Higher State Of Being By Blossom Goodchild &

The Federation of Light - Channeled On Dec. 19, 2020

A very good morning to you. Ok, so, I am planning on this being the last channeling for the year … and what a year it’s been! I guess folk would like you to speak of the monoliths and the Huge announcement … and anything else you may deem appropriate for us to know.

Welcome to you Blossom and welcome to all who engage in these conversations with us. It has indeed, been a monumental year. A time of great disturbances and upheavals both within and without. Yet, we are certain that for Each Soul … within their soul … they have travelled far.

Without doubt … and still a long road ahead it seems.

This is so and yet, we ask that you understand and cement within your mind patterns, that the changes of this year and this new one ahead, shall herald in stronger Energies that allow one’s KNOWING to feel fulfilled.

So much more is to be presented and although one would say this year has been monumental … the new one shall top it … in many, many, unexpected ways.

So, we shall speak firstly of the Monoliths.

Thank you. On the web site tracking them*, it is said there are now 86. My gut tells me they are not all ‘your’ doing?

This is correct. For many have decided to play into this game and create structures to add to the excitement. It actually benefits, rather than deters, for those that come from ‘Energy elsewhere’ are lost within the throng, which conceals very nicely, the TRUTHFUL figures.

We have no concern of this, for they … do not/cannot … interfere with the programming of the original status and coding therein, of those which are sent from off Planet.

How is one to know which ones are real?

Dearest Blossom, with respect … one does not need to know. We would say ‘Leave it to us’. Place this phenomenon of the STARBEAMS safely into our hands and let the Divine Plan play out in TRUST and LOVE.

Within all things, within all inquiries of what is and what is not to take place … what is and what is not Truth … what is and what is not to play out … on any given dates … we ask of you to LET GO!

So much unnecessary Energy is used up by speculation and concern … by so many. Yet, if one was to simply ‘LET GO’ … in their KNOWING OF TRUTH and leave the more complex issues in the hands of those who DO know what is taking place and when it shall do so … then there would be a lot more Energy within ones own Vibration, that can uplift the self and therefore, The Whole.

Yes. This I understand. Personally, I feel I am doing this yet, many it seems, are concerned about so much that is being bandied about. So many emails from folk who are not able to LET GO and TRUST … and to be honest, it feels like we are walking on a tight rope. Taking one step at a time, trying to keep our balance, yet, not really knowing what we are walking across to … especially in the year to come.


For that … IN ITSELF is the KEY to hanging on.

This you have been accomplishing on many levels. Some greatly, some not at all. Yet, we ask that one concerns themselves with their own rhythm. For within doing so, one, of course, is benefiting The Whole.

Video - "I Am Returning To Christ Consciousness" By Patricia Cota-Robles


We have not ‘moved on’ from the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT. We have not changed course on this. We would say, that delays have occurred, as can happen in many situations and certainly in matters of HUGE credence. Yet, we do not sway from the KNOWING that a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT shall occur.

Many things that have left souls ‘wondering’, shall come to pass as you move through into your New Year. So many things shall leave you bemused, yet, deep down, shall make sense as to the ‘whys?’

Could you talk about Dec 21st? I am hearing from many who feel it to be like 2012. Skies opening … days of darkness … computers down … Solar flashes etc. and some quite fearful. So many thoughts … I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Poppins appeared as the skies divided!! What offerings do you have about this date?




Many may encounter feelings of Euphoria and Greatly Heightened Joy. Others may react very differently, in ways of tears and releasing. For those that encounter the latter, KNOW that you are playing your role and experiencing for The Whole. For LETTING GO AND RELEASING in order for the new HIGHER ENERGIES to flow through … is the order of the day.

*We are aware that many are gathering to say the I AM mantra Blossom and we thank you for this.



Being ‘in this game’ for over 20 years now, I do not have expectations of anything occurring other than what you say. I feel it wise for others to do the same. SHOULD anything occur that blows us into kingdom come … then fab.

Yet, I feel once again, many will be disappointed and complain because they have built ‘scenarios’ in their heads from different information given … and quite a bit of that information has been falsely given to deceive, and once again, folk will, therefore, feel let down.

Blossom and All … how can we phrase these words in order for one’s complete understanding?




As we have said, YOU EITHER KNOW IT, OR YOU DON’T.

And as I have said many times, my friends … pop down here, just for an hour or two and ‘see how differently it feels in this density and confusion … compared to how you perceive it.’

We understand this, yet, it does not make us want to change our wording.



And we still do! We just had no idea how confusing it would be.

Yet, when you KNOW that you are here to see this through … to anchor the Light within every moment … no confusion is necessary. Yes, we realize you could argue that point. Yet, we would still hold our ground in making it.






I know … as much as I can know … that I know. Yet, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are all sitting on the edge of our seats!

Then, for a moment … sit back in your seats and relax. Take some time to think about that which has taken place. How one’s past year has been like never before … unexpected yet, necessary.

How one has found strength which they knew not they had.

What if one was to sit back and smile in the KNOWING, that all that is going on is what one has been waiting for … the real ‘start’ of the shift. The actual recognition of revelations coming to the forefront.

Yes, we can do that. Maybe, we are just too impatient for all that we know to be revealed on the mainstream media. Right now, that’s not happening and it shouldn’t matter … if we fully TRUST.

Blossom, when you fully TRUST … everything that is brought to your attention … be it Enlightening or otherwise … sits deep within your KNOWING that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE.






We really are doing the best we can, in any given moment, of that which we are presented with.

We have no doubt of this. You are feeling incomplete in this conversation are you not?

Yes. In that, as this is the last one of the year, is there nothing more you can say about the Monoliths? Surely, they too, are not going to fade into the background?

Blossom … Dearest Blossom … ALL IS IN PLACE.

What do you mean … all the monoliths?

No … for some are not to arrive until the last moment …

Those that are of TRUTH … those that ARE NOT OF EARTH … are ‘dormant’ for this time in certain programming’s. Yet, although ‘silent in stature’ are in accordance with their positioning and ‘Energetic’ outflowings.

Those that ARE OF EARTH and people’s fun and games … are serving greatly, also. For if there were to be none of these shenanigans … the TRUE STARBEAMS would be too apparent, and dealt with accordingly, by those who do not want them in position.


‘Their’ intelligence?

Yes. Their programming is not of a system known to man.

You know, if I sit for a minute, here with you … and imagine the activation of these Pillars and see the TRUE ONES shooting out Light and connecting up with each other in Light grids across the Planet … accompanied by Flashes from the Sun … and all sorts of Rainbow colours beaming across our skies … I could cry.

Because somewhere within me … I can feel that this will happen. I don’t know when. I am not going to ask you when. Yet, if I let go of all indoctrinations and programming’s … this possibility will become a reality one day. Just the fact that some monoliths are already in position is a step in the right direction.

Dearest Blossom … we take this opportunity to thank you and all those who have chosen to take heed of that which we bring forth.



DEAREST SOULS OF EARTH … as you walk into this NEW EARTH … into this NEW TIMELINE …


We shall, of course, be connecting with Each One on your date of the Dec 21st.

White Cloud … whom we honour … shall lead the way and we TRUST that Each One shall feel our connection to their Hearts as we join in Energy with you that day.

Thank you. Thank you, Guys, for another amazing year of interesting chat. Thank you for putting up with my doubts and fears. Thank you for helping so many souls awaken and understand more of their TRUTH. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Until next year … I LOVE YOU. WE LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM!

Video - "Breaking Through - Seeding Divine Change & Self-Revelation By Judy Satori"



Do You Receive Divine Gifts From The Angelic Realm By Shanta Gabriel ?

Hark! The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel voices? The Angels are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and the Light now streaming onto the planet.

Can you hear the Angels whispering to you? Listen with your heart. Allow your whole being to be receptive to these Divine Messengers who have watched over you throughout your Soul’s existence.

They are here now with one voice singing the idea of Unity within all beings. Making a joyful noise, they offer you the gifts of Divine Light, Grace and a Love beyond your understanding. Receive it into your heart and shine this blessed Light out into the world.

As you are receptive now, it allows the gift of Divine Grace to fill your being. Grace is needed to sanctify the Earth, and to bring greater coherence, respect and an honoring of the gifts the Earth supplies freely in abundance. When humans honor the Earth, they also honor the elements of themselves that make up the Earth.

Your Birthright

In fact, it is your birthright to live in harmony with the Earth, to feel Divine Love in your being and the power of Light surging through you in ever-increasing waves. Allow Light to spark every cell in your body and increase love within your being. As you do this, you glow as a radiant light. It shines forth from you and you become the Light to the World that the earth needs right now.

Becoming a Light to the world is not arrogant. When one carries conscious awareness of a greater Truth, it is a part of your Soul Purpose. While the apparent darkness of chaos and fear are so obvious, what could you need more than Light? At this holy time the Light of the Christ energy is more available than ever before. This blessing carries Divine Love into your heart and out into your world.

Feel this Light in you that holds the divine qualities of Wisdom and Love, and share it with others. Radiate Light to your government and the world leaders. Send it to areas of chaos in the world, and to those who work hard to ease the suffering in those places. Transmit Divine Light to the environment, and to all the living beings on this beautiful planet.

Shine the healing Light onto yourself and your families. This energy activates the power that inspires you into Divine Right Action. It is a powerful way to bring harmony and overcome hopelessness within yourself and the world.

Video - "Angelic Higher Self Activation -Solara An-Ra"


And then there were Angels

Legions of Angels are gathering ever nearer the earth now, drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people. This is a tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and allows your mind to receive a greater level of Divine Grace.

It is a good time to take a moment to honor and connect with your Angelic guides. Ask for personal assistance in all areas of your life and listen – really listen, as the Angels whisper in your heart. They want you to follow your heart’s message and feel the guidance available to you from the spiritual realms.

Archangel Gabriel and the Realm of Archangels


Archangel Gabriel holds the empowerment for the winter season, and stories abound of his intervention throughout the ages during the darkest nights. The Archangels are given Divine charge over all communities, nations and seasons.

Join with the Angelic Dimensions to spread this Light through your own life and accelerate the prayers for healing of all nations and families.

Use this exalted light from the Archangels to bring greater consciousness through you and all beings on Earth. This energy can make a true difference, bringing Peace within all hearts.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

The realms of the Angels are available as never before during this holy window of time. There is a stillness within this season that pervades the northern hemispheres as the Earth sleeps in the darkest time of the year. People know the sunlight will return, and it is the same with the spiritual realms. With Faith, you KNOW that in the darkest of times, the Divine Light will prevail.

There are ancient traditions that honor the return of the Light following the Winter Solstice. As you allow your Soul to rest in the depth of the darkness, you can symbolically come into the clarity of the Light and receive a much-needed gift by creating a personal ritual for this time that has meaning for you.

Consider the beauty of the symbols within the Twelve Nights of Christmas. You can use the time (from December 24 through January 5) as an inner journey to give birth to the light in your being, and illuminate the darkness within and around you.

As the Archangels use this powerful time to end separation, they create an opportunity for true Peace on Earth when this empowered energy is focused on peaceful coexistence.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas act as windows to your Soul’s Purpose and can empower your New Year. During the 12 Holy Nights, the Archangels freely erase all boundaries between nations and factions. The Light of True Peace prevails in the Heavenly realms, and is available to be called forth onto the Earth.

More information about the Holy Nights is available here. -

Peace on Earth and Good Will Prevails

Even though this year may not be the way you want it to be, it is still a time of opportunity for you.

With your clear intentions, you can experience transformation within your being and blessings in your life. Do not let the material world overpower the beauty and depth that truly exists during this special time.

Allow Divine Light to enlighten your mind and heart, and illuminate every cell and fiber of your being. Your willingness and open-hearted acceptance of Divine Love blesses your body, mind and spirit. Receive this gift and allow the Light of the Christ to be born within you Now!

Let Divine Light shine forth from you now so there may truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel
December 22, 2020

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment,

Healing, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessings of Your Soul's Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You Every Day of your life ! Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Entering The Light" By Matt Kahn -


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