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What do you think of predestination? I read that some Wiccans believe in it and some do. What are your thoughts on this.

Brightest Blessings.
Cerridwen Freya

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Lol, I meant some Wiccans do believe in it and some don't, pardon the typo.
Well, this is a topic that I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about, but its a very difficult concept to get for me. Most of the concepts have been integrated into my belief, but this one is one I struggle with. Predestination in my mind is a more Christian idea and when I came to Wicca, I shied away from it very much. I do believe however, that the principle of Reincarnation can teach us something about predestination. I have been doing some study on reincarnation from non-religious "scientific" sources and also Near- death episode research. These sources claim, from individuals remembering past lives, or from individuals dying for a short people of time- flatlining and returning - say that we choose major events in our life. The Correllian Tradition endorses to some degree the belief in predestination. When we die, and before we are reincarnated on earth again, we choose our next life- the basic outline and circumstances of our existence in the following incarnation. That whole idea of "god has a plan for us" - to me is an underdeveloped simple approach for individuals who need some hope and purpose in their lives. What I am speaking about here is the idea that WE, our spirit itself chooses its path before it is born. We all have a soul family, which we spend much of our spiritual development with, although that spirit family may not be our biological family. We may choose with our spiritual family what relationship we have with them in our incarnation. One person may choose to be the son, while the other member of our spirit family may choose to be our father. Likewise we may choose one life, and they may choose to be someone only generally attached to us, or barely at all. They may be a person who stops us in the street who is part of our spiritual family, but that is really all the contact we have with them in this life.

Taking reincarnation as our guide- I can say that the totality of the concept of reincarnation in some ways has intrinsic factors of predestination within its framework. And in some fashion, any one who believes in reincarnation in some ways believes in the idea of predestination. This idea that I am speaking of again- is not from the God and Goddess, not from Divinity, but from our higher self, from our own soul who choose these experiences for us. I may not have chosen in advance in the spirit world that I would be writing this message right now, but I may have chosen major events in my life- who I marry [if at all] and where I move to and what vocation I have. Have you ever just felt like: "Wow. This is EXACTLY what I should be doing right now!" ? That is probably your spiritual plan [karmic script] in play that you are lining up with.

I think predestination is a much bigger topic than simply this one slice. There is so much more theology that goes along with it. I hope that helped. If I haven't been clear, feel free to ask.

Love and Light,
~Rev. Aphren
MM, Rev. Aphren. Thank you for your response. From what I can remember when I was reading Scott Cunningham's Living Wicca, there was a section there that says most Wiccans rarely invoke on the Goddess of Fate because they don't believe in predestination. And if they did, magic will not even be practiced as it may not be effective at all. Then he mentioned also that for some Wiccans, they do believe that the Goddess has plans for us. I do know that the Goddess gives us options and even lets us make mistakes if that's the way to learn our lessons.

I have been thinking about predestination for a few weeks and had started looking up online just what diff. websites have got to say about it. You're right, it's much bigger and it definitely will require just a light reading to have some kind of understanding. I hope that more will come and post here their thoughts. I'm really glad to know that the Correlian Tradition isn't absolutely swayed away from predestination. I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say about this.

Brightest Blessings.
Cerridwen Freya
For me its more a matter of degrees and a choice to actually follow it or not. I think there are certain things that are predestined but those are usually very individual. How we get there or even if we want to get there leave a lot of room for us to play with.
I am not sure what I believe on this. I would like to think some things are predestined like the peoplep in our lives and how long they are there. I believe that some people come into our lives and leave are lives when they are supposed to and that would be a form of predestination. We might not be able to find who we are without these people showing us either who we don't want to be or how to be more confident in being ourselves. I believe we touch peoples lives sometimes right when we need to and ours are touched as well. We remain there until the person or ourselves gets what is need and then we can move on. I don't believe that all people or things are always a permenant thing in our lives. Some are though and without the ones that are(predestined) maybe we wouldn'i knoiw which ones were which.

Blessed Be,
MM, Shelbie. I see your point about being a little confused whether some events or people that happen into our lives were predestined or just coincidences. I, too, have questioned this for a long time and going back to the idea of reincarnation and predestination. I felt that predestination is a form of a grand plan for each and everyone of us. You're right about what you said that sometimes people coming into our lives out of nowhere and that particular person may as well be the one to "show or guide" us to whatever we needed to do or whereever we need to be at that particular time in our lives. That, I consider as predestination rather than coincidence. BB.
yes I do
MM Hunter. I agree with you as well. I firmly believe that we have been given the gift of having free will and with this gift, we make choices everyday which may or may not alter expected outcomes. BB.
Thanks Sister Fantum. Will check it out later when I can actually have some quiet time to read. BB.
I think that its important that we each make up our own mind, predestination , as in ? when we speak of this word , as most others it has many meanings and can be used in different manners, could we say that someone was predestin to be come a witch? or a doctor ? or genius ? could we say that God has a plan ? does this plan interfear with free will? I think this in reality is up to you and by study of some of the thoughts of the philosophers,its our choice to make, thus the information I have posted. good luck with your decision making BB
That link you gave me has lots of external links and had been reading them. So much info whew. Thank again Sister!


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