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What do you think of predestination? I read that some Wiccans believe in it and some do. What are your thoughts on this.

Brightest Blessings.
Cerridwen Freya

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I think this is what its all about , learning and thinking for our selves, and I could not possibly place this all here so went in search. It will however give you much to think about and to ponder, as some decisions are important to us, and just why we believe or disbelieve Good luck MP
I have to dig deeper for other websites. Most of the sites I went in were discussing predestination based on Christian theology/teachings so I kept seeing topics and subtopics about God's omniscience etc. etc. (Calvinism). I'm coming around with this and starting to formulate my own thinking based on what I've read, here, from the link you gave me and what others in my meet up group have said during our meeting tonite. BB.
I have many thoughts and have written on this topic in University and beyond, but if I had to distill it into a small, digestible nugget it would be something like this: I'm a parent. I have a plan for my children, and, daily, they both do exactly what they decide to do--sometimes it dovetails with my plan and sometimes not. They are still, though, my children and whatever they decide to do with their lives is ultimately their choice.

I think the same often applies to us.

love and blessings,
MM, Jess. I like your term "small digestible nugget". Taking little bites will make it easier for me to get better understanding on such a huge topic. BB.
This is quite an interesting discussion topic. I believe in free will, but I have not ruled out the possibility of eternal recurrence. This means that the Universe is reborn and time would repeat itself. Would we make all the same choices the next time around? That is a question to consider!

Blessings to all,
MM Belisana, my friend! I'm glad you've taken the time to send your thoughts on this. I do believe in free will as well as believing that sometimes a person or event or a thing will cross my path even just for a short time or quick glance to serve a purpose (be it a reminder or lesson) and from there I'm free to choose whatever. BB and hope to see you soon!


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