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Greetings everyone,

The news this morning from the East Coast of the US is grim -Hurricane Sandy has left widespread disaster in its wake. Millions are without power, and there have been many injuries and even some deaths because of this devastating storm. At this time our hearts and prayers go out to all of those who have been struck by this terrible calamity.

It is heartbreaking to see that so many are suffering and in need of assistance, and truly we pray that Deity will be with all of them -but we cannot help but think in particular of the many Correllians and fellow Pagans in the hurricane's pall. The upper East Coast is a major region for Correllianism, and we have many members and groups in the area whose fate is at present unknown.

Fellow Correllians, at this time I ask you to pray for the storm victims, and to send them energy. But more than this -if you know people in the area hit by Hurricane Sandy, call them and make sure that they are alright. Please reach out to our fellow Correllians and fellow Pagans in the storms wake -power outages mean that online avenues of contact are closed. Use the telephone -call the people you know and ask what their situation is. Please let the Tradition know via email (, via our Facebook pages, or through our yahoo groups who is OK and who is in need of help.

If you are a Correllian on the East Coast -please contact your Tradition family and let us know that you are OK. If you are not OK, and are in need of help, please let us know that too -we may or may not be able to assist directly, but at the very least we can help connect you to those who can assist.

With Many Blessings
Rev. Don

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New castle DE is doing alright here, We looked out, the eye pulled apart an hour before hitting, just a lot of rain, high winds, and for my apartment building, no damage, power stayed on.

Good down here in Bethany Beach, DE. Minimal flooding left and business as usual. Have not gone into Ocean City, Md so I'm not sure, but know they got a lot of flooding and lost the pier down on the boardwalk...more to follow.
I'm in NH and we avoided much of the hurricane. We got heavy rains, power outages, some flooding.... Otherwise, not much in the way of long term effects. A few hours away in NY and NJ, the subway is under water, the jersey shore was washed away, people are having a horrible time getting gas and other things most of us take for granted. The power outages are still in the tens of thousands! I lit a candle for them. I have family in jersey. I grew up on the shore and to know that I will never see the boardwalk again is a shock! Please keep sending healing energy and positive thoughts...people still can't go to work and many people are sitting in the dark and the cold.


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