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Welcome the Faery: 8/8/2020

On this day, we seek to that all who love Fae, fairies, and all the spirit forms, to join us, in inviting them to come and live among us. Let us help in the migration of the Fae.

What do they need from us?
They need homes where people think of them, these beautiful hidden houses, that represent safety and care to them. In this, they hope that you will give them spaces where you want a new wilding. This will be a crucial first step when they have crossed more fully into our realm.

The Action we are asking you
1. Create a Crystal Access Point.
2, Build a Fairy House
3. Place Crystal beneath it, or within the House.
5. Join us on 8/8/2020 to Call the Fairies.
4. You can add Rose Quartz and Amethyst to enhance spell.
6. Share with us a Great Crystal Web Page
7. Register in Crystal Web Map by emailing location to

That is how we ask you to participate. Pretty direct and impactful, allowing for us to share in this wonderful world.

Crystal Web Access Point:
Crystal Web User Manual:

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So uh I asked other witches who have done extensive research on the fae and did my own research and I would NOT recommend doing this event or things like this event.

Basically plugging yourself to a network of other practitioners like this is very ill advised (it's not a good idea at all). Also this can majorly backfire due to land spirits existing where you're burying the crystals - which you don't want at all.

I simply wish for people/practicers to be very careful regarding things like this. Basically if you have no idea about anything regarding astral protection or putting up astral shields I would say please don't even consider doing this, just from what I know about this topic - though would just not recommend doing this event at all (due to the major possibilty of it backfiring).

Thank you for your reply.
I simply don’t agree.

But let’s open this up. What possibly could happen?

Okay, the fae are not a force to be reckoned with. If you invite them into your world you are majorly risking the possibility of horrible things happening to your life and/or yourself. Unauthorized human testing could occur on you, your wires/cables could knot together (among other things).

There is a reason why society was very cautious regarding the faery folk in historical times, and it is only with the recent resurgence of wicca and modern witchcraft that people have begun to romanticize the faery folk. They are tricksters and like playing games on you, but also can be helpful if you respect them. I would strongly suggest to not try to contact them or practice with them unless one knows a lot about this topic and spiritual protection.

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