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Greetings fellow members of WSI:

I wanted to take a minute to formally accept my position as CEO of Witch School International and to introduce myself to those of you that might not have had a chance to meet me before. My name is Michael. I have been the chief programmer of the website for several years now and am the guy you talked to if you ever had a technical issue or suggestion for the site.

Recently I was approached by Ed and the board and asked if I would like to take on the role of CEO. While saddened to see Ed stepping down, I was elated at the chance to bring my vision for the site and the community as a whole, into reality.

With the help of Lindsay and David, it is my firm belief that we can revitalize the school and expand it into something that everyone in the Pagan community can be proud of. I look at this as a chance for everyone to begin anew with a clean slate. Perhaps you had an idea for the school at one point and it was not then the time for it. Maybe now is the time.

While times of change can be stressful and full of uncertainty, I feel that this change will be great for all of us. To help alleviate any misgivings that people may have, I'm going to take a few minutes to outline some of the changes that will be coming to the site in the next several weeks.

One of the first things I want to bring to the site is new content. Not just a few new classes or a few post every couple of days; I want a steady stream of new classes every month and new, quality posts daily. Lindsay and I are working hard to line up new classes and material for both the social and the class site, and David is working tirelessly to bring Tarot College into its own. I have noticed a lack of practical application material and I am working on bringing an entire line of classes to Witch School International, ranging from crafting your own ritual item to making your own essential oils. While we may have touched on these subjects in a broad sense, these classes will go into more detail on how to design the items and attune them to oneself.
We also plan on improving the school experience by implementing several aspects of online colleges to the site. Additionally, we are looking at bringing classroom discussion boards, instructor lead classes and video lectures in the coming months.

Well, we have much to do to bring about my vision for the site, and there is no time like the present to get started. If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at

Sincerely –
Michael Ferrell
Chief Executive Officer
Witch School International

PS As part of the revamp, we will be ending Lifetime Memberships on February 28th, 2012. Basic Lifetime Membership for Witch School Site only $29.99. Charter Memberships gives greater access including Tarot College at $99., onetime fee that will be honored always.
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Michael, I'm so excited to be a part of this change. You're going to be an awesome leader, I can see already. I look forward to this each moment, and as you say - I'm working 'tirelessly' for what I believe in. I know the key to the success of this all, however, won't be a few determined people. It'll be building a terrific team, an ever-growing staff and faculty. I will be releasing my own acceptance letter soon. In the meantime, welcome to a well-earned chance to make this organization what it has the potential to be.

David Moore

Hail and Welcome to all the new folks. :) I'm still so very new here but keep up on the site's info and the like. I do look forward to the new changes, classes and everything. :) This is the closest to a school for witches that I have ever been too. My own hubby who is not Wiccan or Pagan needs a safe place to "figure out what wifey does at that altar spot" Ha.
Again, congrats!


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