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Flowing In The Now By Anrita Melchizedek


The New Earth energies amplify in this month of March beloved Light Tribe – in an array of amazing diamond crystalline frequencies, colors, sacred geometries and heartfelt community co-creations.
There is a flow that immerses us in the field of unity and Love and when we expand our energy fields to match these vibrational energies of New Earth, we manifest all that we need to deepen our service work and align to the universe.
It is an immersion of pulsating and musical light, a dance of inspiration and joy, a deepening of the heart of gratitude and a collective field of crystalline color rainbow rays, bringing with it swirls of cellular rejuvenation and expanded levels of soul embodiment.
The Super Full Moon in Virgo on March 9 with the Sun in Pisces opposing the Moon in Virgo is an extremely Feminine Full Moon with all but Mercury in Feminine Signs, along with Chiron. Something MOMENTOUS has happened with this Virgo Full Moon!
This is a 22 Year of Actualization, and the First Activation of the Coding and the Assimilation and Integration of the Crystal Stargate Energies and Information is taking place with this Virgo Super Full Moon. The Star Codes of the Third Wave is being Fired and the Coding for the next Phase of our Mission is being Activated for the First and Second Wavers.
This Activation is beginning the Transfiguration of Body, Mind, and Soul in association with the Downloads and Upgrades of the Crystal Stargate as we experience Transformation on All Levels--Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. Our Higher Dimensional Bodies are being Synchronized with our Physical Body, and the Adjustments taking place in 4D are now completed for this First Activation and are being Actualized in our 3D Bodies on an Energetic, Atomic, and Cellular Level.
Quantum Healing is happening! Our Chakra System is being Recalibrated and our Energy Field is being infused with Diamond Rainbow White Light! Open yourself to Receive this Light pouring in through the Soul Star Chakra through the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root, and Earth Star Chakra to be Grounded to the very Center of the Earth. You are the Sacred Vessel to bring this to the Planet! Ask for the assistance of your Team on the Higher Planes to facilitate it.
(Zayna Mystic)
2020 is an amazing year of vision, success and accomplishment and the month of March is truly one of transformation and grounding the next level of our service work. Each step we have taken along the path of love to deepen our service work in unity and community now expands through the heart of love and the flame of gratitude.
As the stargate of our loving hearts amplify through the crystalline rainbow rays of gratitude and appreciation, we receive the many blessings and gifts of the universe, and with this, the ability to truly ground the next level of our service work and hearts dreaming as we expand our magnificent Light upon this sacred earth.
As you experience the embrace of Mother/Father God, and the Diamond Rainbow White Light, you deepen too into your purity, innocence and divinity through the connection to your Higher Self of the Light and your Beloved I Am Presence.
Your Higher Self sweet ones, is your Soul cluster of 12 Selves, and your Beloved I Am Presence connects you to what we call your “Monadic cluster”, your Soul group of 144 Souls. Have a sense for a moment of your own Soul cluster, of merging with the 11 soul brothers and sisters, soul mates and twin flames, of which you are One.
See if you get a sense of any of these beautiful Souls. Some would be in incarnate form with you sweet ones, and others, would connect with you on the inner planes at this time. This merger takes you deeper into the multidimensional Christed timelines sweet ones, into remembrance, into knowing that you can draw upon the support and wisdom and Love you hold collectively with your Soul cluster.
And now, you see or sense yourself merging with your Monadic cluster, all 144 Souls, of which you are One, of the higher dimensional frequency range that takes you deeper into Service in Love, and those with whom you will connect along the Path of Divine Love; those souls singing a soul note that touches your heart, that awakens you to the next level of your Service work, as you bring in your own unique frequency and magnificence in your co-creations in Light on both the inner and outer planes. Affirm:
I honor the earth with my presence, with my Love, with my magnificence.
I open to receiving the full blessings of this sacred earth and all her life,
I open to receiving the full gifts of manifesting abundance and the worthiness,
of deserving all the universe bestows upon me through my service,
through my Love, through my Beingness.
I am magnificent and worthy.
I am worthy of all that I desire,
in creating a life of goodness, and peace and Love.
I feel such deep Love myself now,
opening to receive, feeling Loved, feeling appreciated,
feeling safe and peaceful.
I breath deep into my body,
breathing in through my nose, and seeing my lower abdomen inflate,
and breathing out through my nose or mouth,
seeing my lower abdomen relax as it pulls back to my spine.
Breathing in Love,
and breathing out Love.
Breathing in Love,
and breathing out Love, Magnificence and Worthiness.
We now go deeper into the consciousness of the connection with my Brothers and Sisters, knowing that all life is interconnected, knowing there is a Divine Plan.
Knowing we are all part of this Divine Plan,
and that we are coming together now in Unity and in Community,
networking and loving and appreciating and seeing one another,
One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.
Video - "Galactic Dna Template Activation"  -
I breathe in Love and worthiness and magnificence,
and hold my breath...
and breathe out all that is ready to be released.
I breathe in Love, I breathe out Love.
I breathe in Love and I breathe out Love.
I am understanding now why I chose to embody upon this sacred earth,
why I chose to experience the victim and persecutor consciousness aspects of creation,
and why I choose to experience the polarity aspects of God’s creation
to know myself as Love.
I now simply embrace within my loving heart
all the sub-personality aspects of myself needing my Love.
For Love is all there is.
I breathe in Love, I breathe out unworthiness,
I breathe in Love, I breathe out pain.
I surrender to Love.
I am Love. I am Love.
I breathe in Love.
I embrace each challenge I experience as the Flame of Divinity I AM.
I walk through the Rites of Passage,
I honor all that arises,
each step a gift, unveiling and revealing the next step of my Divine Plan,
within the collective heart of Unity and Love.
This beautiful Diamond Light Code Template of One Unity Consciousness
ignites within my Christed Heart,
and activates now through each one of my chakras
and into all the sacred sites and vortices of Mother Earth,
and now into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on this sacred Earth choosing the Path of Divine Love.
I am joined in heart and mind to all life on this sacred Earth through the
I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light,
the collective Higher Light of all awakened souls.
I AM an open heart in this Golden Age of Light
creating the Diamond Path for myself and others.
I breathe in Unity,
I hold my breath for as long as I can,
and then I breathe out separation and fear.
I breathe in Unity,
I hold my breath,
I breathe out separation and fear.
I am now surrounded in a beautiful White Flame of Light.
This White Flame now becomes a beautiful white sphere all around my body,
energetically keeping me in a sacred space and allowing me to feel safe and
talk clearly and loving with others, in a calm and gentle way,
knowing I am valued for my opinions and sharing.
I am worthy and appreciated and I communicate well.
I now see my loving heart glowing in the beautiful White Light.
I see this light expand from within me, knowing that this is my Soul Light,
birthed into creation through God’s Love, through my innocence and purity,
my Beloved I AM Presence, as I now state:
“I am a very special person, unique and wonderful in my own way,
and I accept myself just as I am.
I am beautiful and awesome, a spark of the Divine, a Flame of Divinity.
I accept and appreciate myself, I appreciate my gifts and talents,
and do not compare myself to others.
“I am worthy and magnificent.
I am kind and loving to myself, and I am kind and loving to others.
I am grateful for everything I have in my life,
and do not take anything for granted.
I am polite and gentle, and I treat others as I would like to be treated
for we are all sons and daughters of God.
I am committed to the path of Service, the Path of Love,
to the upliftment of humanity, and my own Soul’s journey in soul embodiment
to be my Higher Light upon this sacred earth,
to experience fully the Love of Creation within every single sub-atomic particle of my Beingness.”
As I breathe in Love
and breathe out Love.
I feel a deepening sense of my Beloved I Am Presence,
merging deeper into Soul embodiment,
I experience timelines of Self Mastery.
Merging with my multidimensional Selves and Higher Selves,
as a knowing of myself as wayshower in this Golden Age of Light activates for me now.
Timelines of ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria come deeper into my remembrance.
Timelines of Self Mastery.
I get a sense of myself as an initiate of Light.
I step ever deeper into the dance of Unity through my connection to the inner plane ashrams of Light.
And now, I receive the invitation to expand my Light,
an invitation to align to the inner planes Temple of Initiation.
I now state:
“I accept the invitation to the Temple of Initiation,
I am ready to embrace each challenge I experience as an initiation of Light.
I am ready to step into the next level of my Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light,
releasing old energies of lesser than and better than consciousness,
whilst stepping deeper into my role as a World Teacher and Chela on the Thread.”
I see a portal of Light activating
around this beautiful diamond sphere 54 ft diameter around me,
taking me now into the higher dimensional Fields of Light,
and now, into the Temple of Initiation within the New Earth Templates of Light.
As I enter the Temple of Initiation, I face to the west,
and I hear the most beautiful celestial music,
I see 4 pillars representing the energy of 2020
Abundance and Manifestation
And Spiritual Alignment
I now experience the rebalancing of these pillars and
now, the renewed re-balancing between my Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits,
taking me into greater levels of my Divinity,
and ever deeper into the Heart of Divine Love.
And now, I see thousands of initiates sitting in this magical circle,
with their arms outstretched and their hands held up in front of them,
surrounding Mother Earth and all her Life in these beautiful flames of Love and Healing, Peace and Serenity, Purity and Innocence.
As I join this magical circle of Initiates,
I now recite:
“Beloved Mother/Father God, and all Legions of Light from On High,
please amplify the Pink Flame of Love and Healing,
blaze this around my body and energy field,
and around the body and energy field of Mother Earth and all her sacred Life.
Release from our bodies and energy fields all misaligned energies, viruses, addictions, fears, false beliefs and judgments that we no longer need to experience as we walk the New Earth.
Fill us with your Love, in well-being and good health and understanding of our collective magnificence and Light, as we walk the path of Divine Love,
as One Heart, and One Unified Field of Light.
Beloved Mother/Father God, and all Legions of Light,
please amplify the White Flame of Peace and Serenity,
blazing around my body and energy field,
and around the body and energy field of Mother Earth and all her sacred Life,
so that we may all experience inner peace, harmony, serenity, patience and Love,
so that all Life on this sacred earth may experience inner peace, harmony, serenity, patience and Love.
Fill me with your Love and Peace, Wisdom and Divine Love and Light
as collectively we walk the Path of Divine Love,
as One Heart, and One Unified Field of Light.
Beloved Mother/Father God and all legions of Light,
please amplify the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence
blazing around my body and energy field and around the body and energy field of Mother Earth and all her sacred life
so that we may all experience soul embodiment,
so that we may all understand ourselves as Sons and Daughters of God,
in co-creation, in unity, in Love, in peace, in joy,
as we walk this path of Divine Love,
as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.
Infinite Blessings with the Highest Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Healing, & Forgiveness that are Divinely Perfect for All of You,
Steven Hutchinson
Video - "Christine Day's Transmission For New Awakening & Enlightenment For All"

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