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If you are like me and are always seeking to have a more rationa and scientific explanation to any phenomena, anyone intrested in "empaths" might find this intresting:

Imagining the 10nth Dim blog is pretty cool. This entry, about halfway through explains how, scientifically speaking, a person might "pick up" emotions or mental states of other people just by being near them, as well as how it can influence others in the same way. "Empaths" suddently are simply people who are more of a "reciver" than a "transmiter".

There are other intresting implicatons, inculidng prayer and magical rituals: If you want to become something and you make a ritual that generates the vibration frequency you linked to whatever you want to achive, or simply create it through meditation or prayer. Eventually by what is mentioned in that video, you will vibrate closer to that frecuency and thus be closer to what you want, wich explains, scientifically many things.

Furthermore, in psychology it also explains the "transference" phenomena experimented during therapy. From the sistemic point-of-view it also explains how the "outside factors" (people) end up affecting oneself just by being close without really interacting. It also helps understand the axiom of comunication "It is imposible not to comunicate", because merely by being near you catch their vibration, make it your own and make the conection

A very intresting topic indeed.

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Thanks for sharing the link, Drakill. Bright Blessings.
nothing new , as we say everything and every one effects something else , as ever things is connected, thanks


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