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Greetings all,

I, Rev. Don Lewis, want to invite you to join us for the Correllian Lustration of the Ancestors, April 16-19, 2020. This will be a unique experience as an online and digital event. This event will feature the actual Lustration ceremony on Sunday, April 19, at noon Eastern Time, as well as Workshops Friday and Saturday, and Virtual Drum Circles Friday and Saturday. Opening ceremonies will be Thursday April 16 at 7 PM Eastern Time. You can find the schedule at

This will be our first truly Planetary Lustration, with live participants from around the world. It is offered as a gift in troubled in times. There is no cost for the event.

As Chancellor, I have asked my Tradition to come together in this new format for our annual Lustration of the Ancestors, when we present those who have recently crossed over to the Beloved Ancestors, and ask the Blessing of the Ancestors upon the entire Tradition. As a Tradition, as a Family, we wish to make this available to everyone.

Why are we doing this? Throughout my career I have always believed in accessibility. Everything I have done has always been with the goal of building community and offering good information to help people grow. Let me share some of my history.

My projects have always focused on being as accessible as possible, so that they could be of as much benefit to as many people as possible. The Round Table magazine was a free community magazine distributed monthly for many years. Witch School has always offered its Basic Membership free of chare, and Supporting Memberships at low cost. Magick TV has always been available to anyone who wants to watch at no cost. Money is necessary to make things happen of course, but I have always believed in keeping the cost of services and events to an absolute minimum, and wherever possible provided services for free. Why? Because I believe that we help ourselves by helping others, and that when we build a better world what we get out of it is a better world. This is why we are making our Correllian Lustration and the presentations that surround it available to everyone.

Blessings to all,

M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell
First Priest and Chancellor, Correllian Tradition
Vox Correllianus, Apu Tanglaw Liwanag, Member Triad Union

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Greetings, Reverend Don. I'm new here at the Daily Spell. I learned about this event in the chat room at Spring Mysteries Festival. I am interested in attending online. How does one access the online ceremonies and workshops?

Thank you,



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