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Get Crazy For Love By Yael & Doug Powell ... And ... Merge With The Light Bodies Of The Masters By Tercy Logan ... And ... Clearing Your Imprints By Shelly Dressel

Get Crazy For Love By Yael & Doug Powell

The thread of the thinking mind is woven tightly to keep you under control and keep the dream going. I say to you now, let’s get crazy for Love! It is time to be out of your mind and to be the living experience of grace in which every breath is the circle of Love given and received in perfection and only ever acknowledging itself with absolutely no barriers, no expectations, no little self. Just the pure presence of Love, and I promise you, it is exciting. Exciting to the depths of your being and to the heights of your experience of All That I Am…

It shows you that your center is your heart. Your heart is meant to tell you who you are. Each moment lived is an encounter with divinity that fills you with such awe that you live in reverence for the beauty that is everywhere, that is impossible not to see in everything. Seeing it in the heart of every human being lights the fire within all hearts and releases from the dream of separation another heart, another human being giving them permission to be out of their mind for Love.

Video - "Experience The Levels & Dimensions Of Your Christ Consciousness"

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Merging with the lightbodies of the Ascended masters begins with asking to merge with the light bodies of Lord Melchizedek, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya and other masters with whom you have an affinity.

Request this merging be on a permanent basis. After working with this for some time and feeling its profound effects, ask to merge with the entire Spiritual Hierarchy. Ask this only after you pass your higher initiation. Timing is everything, as you know.

Wish you a Great Day with lots of love & light to all my Divine Friends. Tercy

Video - "The Star Child Transmission: Connecting Angelic Support, Soul Tribe, Star Races" By Steve Nobel -

When we learns to be right with oneself and right with God and the Ascended Masters, one is never alone. And even when we are physically alone, we will never feel lonely because we enjoy our own company, feeling the presence of God and Ascended Masters at all times.
So make very good relations with God and the Ascended Masters. We can commune with them through ascension seats and light-quotient building and healing modalities.
It is true that when you fully embrace the spiritual path, you must stand on your own and often let go of people. There is a period early in our spiritual journey when we might experience what can be called existential aloneness. This is usually a temporary phase that lightworkers go through until greater realization is achieved.
Wish you a wonderful weekend with lots of love and light to all my Divine Friends. Tercy
Video - "Experience The Divine Power Of Light With Judy Satori"

Clearing Your Imprints September 16, 2018

Clearing Your Imprints By Shelly Dressel

We are created out of energy and the many, many layers of our energy emit a vibration.  This vibration is something that can be very dramatic and straightforward, or it can be very subtle.  When we create our lives we do so through our intention that we consciously create.  However, everyone also has their unconscious vibration that may or may not support what they are consciously creating.

During the beginning of the channel, the Goddess spoke at length about what is conscious and unconscious in each one of us.  She also spoke about the various ways in which we have imprints in our lives.

In a physical way, imprints can be stored in your cells of your organs, joints, blood, skin or any living part of you.  So too you have imprints that affect your emotions such as a particular emotion that triggers a particular reaction.  In addition, your mental body may have imprints that keep you in a particular belief system or thought process. 

Clearing the imprints creates a change in your vibration.  This change in your vibration will reflect the open flow and infusion of love, light, soul and all that comes with these energies.  It creates a change throughout you affecting your conscious and unconscious mind.  Your new beginning starts NOW!

Click on the link to read the full transcript or watch Shelly's video of her Goddess message:

Video - "Affirmations - Raising Your Love/Bliss Resonance" By Steve Nobel


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