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Me and my family have been constantly victims of energy attacks, but recently things are getting out of hand and I’m afraid I cannot help and protect us all anymore.

I’ve been graced with the knowledge that me and my older brother we’ve been victims of personal magical works (so sad I don’t know what has been done for us especially, neither who did it)

I know the intention on the magic (or magick even) done for my brother is supposedly to get him killed. He’s very ill (it’s been 2 years and the doctors aren’t able to discover what’s going on), but the last few weeks, maybe a month things are getting worse and worse. He’s barely able to walk right now, he’s not feeling his legs very much anymore. This week it’s getting even worse, because it has appeared over his leg so many bubbles and mom said he is in pain! He doesn't like me seeing him in this state very much because he is ashamed. This is so sad both to him and me but my mother and father as well. We’ve been suffering along with him, and I am starting to be afraid of really losing him, because we can’t find a treatment (you can’t treat what you don’t know) and I don’t know how to break this bad thing either.

As for me, the intention was to get me weaker and weaker and ended up getting sick, and to block my love life. I’ve been told that it has been done for someone who was either jealous or envied me, I still don’t know. It is a fact that I got very very weak, and found some health complications that haven’t been discovered yet. I’m still kinda weak, but I’m working on it. Yes, my love life is kinda stuck as well, but I’m kinda okay with that, I’m kinda of a lonely wolf haha.

The magical works weren’t made by the same person towards me and my brother. I’m not that much concerned about me, since I think I can sort of deal with it, even if I end up not being able to break the spell.

That’s one thing that I can’t affirm almost for sure, and it is that both works towards me and my family are related to offers to entities, but I can’t tell which, and I didn’t want to go to any “temple” related to this religion, because almost always you end up owing something to an entity and get your life fucked up or get stuck.

Anyway, I’m publishing this in here because maybe someone knows something that can help me. I repeat: I’m not that much concerned about my case, and I’m not really afraid for me. Even if it’s only a little bit, I still think I can sorta protect myself.
But about my brother, nothing that I tried to do for him has worked, and he’s getting worse. He’s so young, me and my family would suffer an excruciating pain by losing him this way, specially me knowing I failed to take care of him and wasn’t able to break the magic. :(

I think this is both a relate of my story as it is a cry for help. Maybe I can’t stop this myself alone, but maybe with help I can (????)
I don’t know!

Still, wish all of you who read this all the blessing by the Goddesses and Gods, and all the positive energies in your lives.

Thank you all for the space for sharing my troubles...

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