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Hello, all ...

Ed and I were having a discussion about the situation around Lord Don out in Salem.  As some of you may recall, a week or so back a very strange occurrence happened, in which one of Don's "family" rings (which, to his knowledge, had not been unpacked) appeared on the floor in the museum.

Due to the chaos of the last couple of weeks, this was noted, but more or less "shrugged off".

It was my perception that this was the "turning point" between when things were moving ahead "as planned" and when things started to run off the rails a bit.

Ed added that there was a sense out in Salem that "the town was possessed" and that the Witch Trial story, by its constant repetition, had somehow given energy to, if not certain spirits, then at least to a particular "psychic rut" (the other-worldly equivalent of an "idée fixe") which was operating there; with the implication that the "new theme" represented by the World of Witches Museum in particular, and, perhaps, Correllianism in general, was either being attacked or having a hard time "getting traction" in that environment.

As there are, no doubt, many on this site who have a good deal of practice (by whatever techniques are individually used) at "seeing" things on the other planes, we thought it would be useful to put out to call for folks, were they so inclined, to try to get a sense of what was causing these odd occurrences, situational difficulties, and, ultimately, health issues for Don.

If you feel you can help with this, please add your perceptions to the discussion.


- E.G.

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Salem is a very old city and it is certainly possible that very old spirits might still reside there. Residual psychic energy could certainly play a part as well. It makes you wonder if the old ergot story along with hallucinations might have had another cause. Ergot poisoning is one of the explanations of bewitchment. Very interesting discussion. I would be anxious to hear other people's ideas on this.
HummingByrd I think you are over-reacting to this. I feel you are making accusations that you cannot substantiate. Please be careful what you say. This is a discussion about spirts in Salem and a possible investigation.
♥)O(♥ You Are Right MaryAnn !!! ~~~ I Deleted My Comment! ♥)O(♥
Hi Brendan and All,

Let me expand on this. I have seen that almost any fight in Salem among the spirit workers in the city, of whatever persuasion can become instantly hysterical. It becomes dramatic and public. Whatever it is that is causing this, the residents call it the Spirit of Salem.

Don drew the Spirit of Salem, and for some reason showed it with a mask. This was after Don began directly communing with the Spirit of Salem, at the suggestion of Christian Day. Don made contact and drew her image.
Update: The event discussed with Christian Day was actually very polite and helpful. It was during the Correllian Lustration in April 2009. Here is the video of Christian's Discussion:

Other Spiritual events coincided without he fact, 3 days after I left Hoopeston to Salem, our old building was torn down without notice. It was a spiritual place, a very haunted building, that Don called to those who could not cross.

My vision, I often saw armies of spirits marching and living over the seat and entering and leaving bodies at will. I believe that a force, let me call it a active Demi-God called the Spirit of Salem exists. I believe that Don and the Spirit are working on compromise, but others in commune with the Demi-God are seeking ehr to decide and reject Don as a suitor.

Make of it as you will, and if it sounds mad, then Salem drove me mad.

Really.....I think it is a cute picture. I guess a lot of people cover their faces, when facing a new paradigm. We either believe in these things or we do not. You may question me, and that is why you should join the investigation Brendan is calling for.

This investigation is about Rev. Don Lewis. , who is possibly becoming a individual who can show real evidence of the spirit world. Rev. Don Lewis who has opened the spiritual world for thousands of people and whose ideas have been exposed to hundreds of thousands. This is being called for by a Brendan Tripp, a man known for his powerful constructive examinations, and with over 1800 online reviews of books across many spectrum of human knowledge, is a publisher, and carries a Master degree.

I say investigate what I am saying, and call in and collaborate it, or say I am wrong. Either or, but do not for a minute think that I did not have this experience. It may have been completely subjective, and I accept that as the first possibility, it was my experience. I am sharing it for others to investigate.

So this is really about Don, the nature of Salem, the power of Salem over the Witch Community and Cowan community alike, and the possibility of provable spirit activity. Would that not be amazing to discover, and that is what Don's life has always been about. Don wants to show that the Spirit world exists.
Before I "officially" began on this path, I lived in Boston for 13 years. I was periodically compelled to visit Salem, and always approached it with an attitude of openness and curiosity, a willingness to tune in. I had already been involved in Paganism and shamanism.

Every time I tried to find the "center" of Salem, I got lost. Even a couple of years ago when I visited after 10 years away, I got lost. With a GPS. I am normally not directionally challenged. It is an odd place. I circled the city until I finally got in. A dozen years living there, remember. You would think my memory would serve. The energy both attracted and repelled. My first time in Crow Haven Corner in 1980-something, I walked in and was "recognized" by someone who is probably on this site now.

I left thinking that there are multiple influences there - those persecuted, their persecutors, those who were conflicted about the whole thing. But more meaningfully to me, multiple "stakeholders" in what "true" paganism is. And so someone who is trying to bring a unifying perspective threatens their rightness. After all, if none of us is "wrong" then none of us is "right." We all just - are. The Goddess takes no side in witch wars among the living or the dead. I have no issue with that. You probably don't either. those who do don't want any part of a unified pagan perspective which doesn't mean we are all the same, it means we are all free to be unique united by a love for the Goddess, and the God, and the cycle of creation.

This is a big deal. We need to support this.
Elise said: "I simply strikes me that it's Don's FAMILY ring that appeared on the floor. Maybe his Ancestors are trying to pass an urgent message to him? That's the first thing that came to my mind."

I think that's a good point, Elise.

Please don't discount any possibilities other than the "witch-war" hypothesis. If we are truly looking for the source of this then we shouldn't already assume the answer, then discount anything which disagrees with our own theories. That is the sort of bias that allows the Christian church to stifle the thoughts and ideas of its members. (And to remain stuck in the dark ages)

Wouldn't it be possible that Don's ancestors are offering help? Giving a warning? Before we go accusing others of hexing or cursing Rev. Don we should be very careful. If the other party (i.e. Christian Day) isn't at all involved . . . well, you can certainly anger someone with false accusations. And I have a feeling that would be a "witch-war" nobody would want.

To quote Oberon Zell Ravenheart: "Don't get involved with witch wars".

I hate to even say the words.
Well said, my Sister :)

We are told in 1st degree: over, and over, and over again . . . Ground! Center! Shield!

Are we to believe that this doesn't work against certain types of attacks? Lets hold Don up in prayer, and do what we can for him physically, (I am currently playing catch-up on house payments. I can't do a thing financially, no matter how much I wish I could. There's not a spare penny in my pocket), and not go starting witch wars.

Blessings to all, and especially wisdom, courage, and healing to Blvd. Rev. Don.
i feel with all the stress in Rev Don's life and the hecticness of the season that shielding may be harder to do and things can get through. that's my opinion
I agree. We all slip on this, and I wouldn't think that Don would be immune. We are all only human. Outside influences and some on the inside can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes we are allowed to get sick when we get too busy, so that we can get ourselves centered . . . a blessing in disguise, so to speak. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying, and would NEVER say that any of this is good in and of itself, its AWFUL to go through such trying times. But I believe that Don has the opportunity come out of this better than ever!
Merry Meet, the feeling that I get from all of this is a jealousy from the spirits that the Museum is doing well. They are doing everything that they can to derail it, including Reverend Don and his health. He may in fact have heart problems, as a sign of congestive heart failure is retention of fluids. He should have this checked IMMEDIATELY by a cardiologist to rule it out! Or at least, go to the nearest Emergency Room, but that will cost more than a cardiologist. How do I know this sign? Both of my parents have/had congestive heart failure. You DON'T mess around with it. A diuretic will help with the fluid retention in the legs. An anti-inflammitory and a pain-killer will help with the arthritis, but he's probably on them. Combined with arthritis, this swelling makes the legs, feet and knees incredibly sore. I have arthritis, and I can sympathize with him. I truly wish Reverend Don to be feeling better and to have access to great medical care for his ailments. For the Museum, I wish that the spirits would not feel threatened by it and its success, and hope that the payments for the Museum are met and then some, with plenty left to run the place without fear of closing down. Many Blessings, Reverend Don,

I don’t know if this will help, but here is my personal experience with dealing with a spirit of a land and community mind set. It’s a little long so bear with me:

When I lived near the Smokey Mountains several years ago I had dealt with a spirit of the land. I could not tell if it was a once human spirit that had become attached to the land or a spirit of the land that had taken on human characteristics. After I became aware of this entity and after making several inquiries I found out that the local community was very aware f this spirit because it covered a few hills.

People believed that this spirit was tied to a civil war battle that had happened nearby (Battle of Blue Springs), while others believed it to be a Demon/Devil tied to several caves in the nearby area. There were some areas (notably around Anderson Loop) where the entity’s energy was particularly heavy, and I found myself being affected by the energy.

It was possible to see the shape of the entity, but not the actual features. It also did not have a ‘personality’ per se as a human or human type spirit would, and would not exactly interact with you. This is what led me to believe it was not a human spirit. I also found that those who were aware of it or believed in the stories/history of the area were more open to being affected by it.

In order to protect myself from being influenced by its energy I developed a meditation that allowed me to connect to the energy of the Goddess both in her aspect of the Moon Goddess and the Earth Goddess. This is what I did-
Go to the place in question and sit comfortably. See the Goddess in her aspect of the Moon Goddess and her silvery white energy flowing down through your chakras filling your body and exiting your root chakra piercing the ground and connecting to the earth’s essence (I saw this as a gold/yellow energy), pierce through the actual land mass as you want to go beyond the physical property. Draw this Earth Goddess energy back along the same route up through your Crown chakra and connect it to the Moon Goddess’ source energy. Once they are connected to each other you will want to see them merging at your solar plexus to create a healing energy protective energy. Begin to see this expanding beyond your physical body in either a mist or mesh that covers and pierces the land allowing the energy to both protect and heal those that occupy it and the land mass itself. You will want to see this as a cone or a three dimensional diamond constantly looping the energy, keeping it in play, and recycling/renewing.

At the time I was fairly young and did not have the understanding or capability of purging the entire area of the entity, but considering that it was fed by people’s fears and superstitions within the community I’m not entirely sure if it would even be possible. However, by creating and maintaining these centers in areas I frequented I was able to prevent this entity from being able to influence the properties in question and the people on/within them.

This method takes a large amount of energy and capability to manipulate/expand/maintain energy on a bigger scale than most workings. I don’t know if it would be possible if your energy is depleted due to an illness etc.

This was just my personal experience with a spirit/entity of this nature and how I dealt with it. I hope it helps or at least sheds some light on a possible resolution.

Sending Lord Don lots of healing energy!
Many Blessings,


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