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Hello, all ...

Ed and I were having a discussion about the situation around Lord Don out in Salem.  As some of you may recall, a week or so back a very strange occurrence happened, in which one of Don's "family" rings (which, to his knowledge, had not been unpacked) appeared on the floor in the museum.

Due to the chaos of the last couple of weeks, this was noted, but more or less "shrugged off".

It was my perception that this was the "turning point" between when things were moving ahead "as planned" and when things started to run off the rails a bit.

Ed added that there was a sense out in Salem that "the town was possessed" and that the Witch Trial story, by its constant repetition, had somehow given energy to, if not certain spirits, then at least to a particular "psychic rut" (the other-worldly equivalent of an "idée fixe") which was operating there; with the implication that the "new theme" represented by the World of Witches Museum in particular, and, perhaps, Correllianism in general, was either being attacked or having a hard time "getting traction" in that environment.

As there are, no doubt, many on this site who have a good deal of practice (by whatever techniques are individually used) at "seeing" things on the other planes, we thought it would be useful to put out to call for folks, were they so inclined, to try to get a sense of what was causing these odd occurrences, situational difficulties, and, ultimately, health issues for Don.

If you feel you can help with this, please add your perceptions to the discussion.


- E.G.

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The results of my psychic investigation are in. I have determined that there is no witch war, no spirit, or no individual which is causing strife.

However, I have received messages that the economy may be one of the culprits.
and I would say you are right on the money John, read my reading , what he tried to do and did , this is seasonal look where they are ! Its time for a part time job, clergy does not pay I know ! and yes I worked .
so its hit the streets and put your layed talents to work . Im sorry for his situation, But man does not live off the backs of others for to long Sorry Don . BB
Ed, when you said "I often saw armies of spirits marching and living over the seat and entering and leaving bodies at will". I got a flash of that as I was reading it. A bit spooky, even to me.
I can't help but feeling Don has been given the answer. Let me explain, my wife just went to the store. Before leaving she politly asked if I needed anything. I told her that I did and what to get. When she returned I asked if she had gotten what I needed. Her reply was "You never told me you needed that". Easy to find fault with her in this instance, but don't we all do that? Aren't there times when we ask for answers but for some reason forget to listen? The ring is the signal, the notice, the ancestors way of saying "Slow down, your'e missing something". This is really the impression that I get.
Sincere Blessings to you all. Rev. Bruce Richards HP
Perhaps Rev. Don's family ring appeared as a signal from his departed ancestors who have crossed over that they are going to be with him, protecting him & guiding him in this most difficult time.
armies / any form of attack period. that which we muster from within the self , anger,aggression, and most of these appear when the we are in conflict with anxieties that we are having , such as the need for support , or the lack their of.
spirits/ghosts meaning their will be set backs and delays in money matters, many many worries. thus the ring falling to the floor tells me so as well. a sign of woes. I have answered this twice now , and he knows what I have told him. Take care Don , getting any business of the ground in this economy is a leap of faith, and in that area this is seasonal, good money will flow from spring to fall but after that the woe is on you. use these resources wisely my friend. now can we please take this off the board , Good Luck Don .


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