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Hi guys! Most of you are aware of the recent near-miss with the Museum and the Chancellor's rent if you get the newsletter; well I have a proposition to make to keep that from ever happening again! In the Chancellor's email, he simply asked for 1 dollar from everyone and by the collection of all those small donations he was able to make his payments and get out of the ditch, so to speak.


It's Friday! Paycheck day for most of us! I would like to propose a pledge to donate 1 measly buck to the Tradition every Friday. It's not much, and its tax-free, lol. So let's forgo that guilty-pleasure dollar-menu burger on Fridays and instead show our Chancellor and our Tradition how much they mean to us!

you can go HERE

or click the "donate" button on the Tradition's home page:

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I paypal'd in my buck! Lets keep it going!
great idea - for me that would mean saturdays not fridays, but hey, I am game if it helps the tradition and Rev. Don!
I have been making weekly donations as well though this week I have been unable to but hope to tomorrow.
I am paid monthly so , I donate want I can. SSI and SDI dont pay much, but I send what I can each month.
when they do for me, I will help! and Im waiting . I will not support a site who will not fill the obligations of its people.
This is beginning to sound a little christian to me with some preacher always passing the basket . [ if you get me drift ]
if this site wishes to close please tell us so we each can move on . I have asked for my certificate 4 times now and I will not ask again. I think if they wish support its time they be honorable as well . BB
What certificate? And as far as I know, this is the first time (in the MANY years I have been on here) that Don has actually asked for money. Also, I am not professionally affiliated with Witchschool at all, I'm just a member of the Trad. In no way is the website in danger of closing, I apologize if I implied this. If you got the newsletter, it was the museum's back-rent that gave us trouble.
No idea what certificate you are talking about man. I deal with alot of the emails but never seen one from you. What email are you sending it to?

What certificate are you referring to? I have had no emails from you about this. Please let me know.
You can contact me at
Thanks to everyone who is pitching in! Kharmically you have to give to receive! This is a great response! Blessings!!


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