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I'm looking to get a few more people interested in beta testing the new software to help me complete the updates quicker.

Some of the new updates that are coming are things like, phone apps, widgets and tarot reading software. If that sounds like fun, we would love to have the help.

If you would be interested go to the beta tester group and request to join.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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I could help if needed
I would love to help, I am a computer graphic designer and novice web page developer.
Id be happy to have you both on-board. Please go to the beta testers group and submit an application. Ill approve them asap.
Cool cool the more the merrier. Just join up at the group. Id post a direct link but it is a good way to judge the level of computer skills a user has lol. Anyway look forward to working with you all.
Yes, I'll help! Just tell me when.
sign me up
Love to help any way I can!
sure im pretty computer savvy
Still looking for some more. To everyone that's wanting to join the beta testers group so you can get started. Thank you and welcome to the team.
me and karebear would love to do it dont know if we will be good at it, but we will give it a shot thank you
i am a tarot card reader but know not alot about computors and i am new to tarot reading but i will try my best
Give tarot 1.5v in the beta tester group a look at tell me what you think.


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