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Hey everyone, Hope you are all well.

A few quick updates.

In an effort to make the school more user interactive we are working on several new system that will help students communicate with others in the same class as well as their mentor and teachers.

To that effect I am looking at running the first practical course as an intensive class. These types of classes will be a harder class but give a better understanding on the material.

We are also going to be testing the new classroom discussion feature and a few others as well.

I'm looking at running the class with 10 students (3 spots have been filled already) to run the class for.

I am wanting to run it on ether crafting a ritual Athame or cauldron. I think those would be good classes and let us be able to test all of the systems needed.

There will be outside research that you will have to do for this class.

As the class well be a practical class the final test will be to craft the item you have been researching and designing during the course.

Skill level will not prevent anyone from doing this first class. Later Ill run an advanced class that will be for more skilled individuals.

If anyone is interested It will be first come first server. Shoot me an email on here or to my email

If anyone has questions I would also be happy to answer them.

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Oh Athama please!!

As this is a basic class I don't expect students to do any hot metal work although they are welcome to if they have the skill or know someone to supervise them as you suggest.

While I will be doing a metal athame during the class, if they choose that, students can make it out of any material they wish. I have seen some really amazing ones done is stone and wood recently.

I do have a blacksmith forge but for the basic class Ill be only using stock removal techniques. Just a lot of file work, a grinder and time. Oh also a corded drill. I have built several knifes like that and most of them cost less then 8$ for all of the material involved.

I have made knives using flit napping but it is not my strong suite.

If they choose to do a cauldron it will be the more expensive of the two but still under 30$ if they salvage things as I do. Made mine for under 10$ getting the metal from a junk yard. Made from the hood of a old car.

The cauldron would also be done cold. Thin gauge sheet can be bent by hand but gloves are highly recommended.

At some point I would like to run a class on basic blacksmiths theory but for people just starting getting experience people to show you will improve your learning curve greatly.

I know of several good organizations across the country that people could contact and find local guilds.

Now the advance classes would be for people with much more experience and tools. You can do advanced things cheaply if you make a lot of your tools but making tools takes practice as well. The advanced classes would probably be on one specific material or two. Wood/Stone and probably metal on its own.

I am glad you brought up those questions as I am sure others have had them as well.

I finally found it, and would like to sign up for the class. I
look forward to it

In case I have to request here and not the initial blog post I would definitely love to be involved!

5 Slots has been filled. Ill run the class with that if need be but 5 more spots are available. Post here if your interested.

Finishing up some code tweaks and ill be sending the access code along to the students soon.

I would love to join in, would love the chance to make an Athame.

Your in. 4 more to go max.

I'm in.

You are in. 2 left.

Did I get in? If not can I? where do I find it?

Yep counting you in already. I should have the access codes out to everyone on Monday

I am new here, but if you still have room would love to try out the class. Thanks...


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