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Hello all, so as mantras and japayoga are two things I'm very interested in and practice regularly (or as regularly as I can make it at least), I'm just curious if there are a few other chanters out there, and if so what are some of your favorite mantras to use, what do they mean, and how have you benefitted from chanting it (only if you feel comfortable with sharing your findings)?
A few of mine are:
Om Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu, which literally translates to May all beings everywhere be well and happy (this includes the self though I was told NEVER to chant mantras solely for the self as it kind of contradicts much of the purpose of japayoga)
The Oneness Mantra:
Om sat chit ananda parabrahma, purushothama paramatma, Sri Bhagavathi sametha Sri bhagavate namaha
Translated literally: Hail and salutations to the Universe which is pervaded by two polar forces (Sri bhagavthi feminine and Sri bhagavate masculine), which is created and made to progress with the Universal truth of potential (sat) and consciousness (chit) mingling together to form bliss (ananda), which is made possible for mankind and all other existing things to do (paramatma being prana or Divine energy which is inherent in all existence, this inherency is purushothama, or the incarnation of paramatma into existing forms), this I affirm (or so mote it be)
And last but CERTAINLY not least, The Gayatri Mantra, used to act in accordance with one's Higher Self:
Om bhur bhuvah svaha
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo Devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat
Bhur Bhuvah svaha=earth sky and heavens, it is recited at the beginning of any Mantra which comes from the Rig Veda.
Tat savitur varenyam bhargo=that worship worthy shining excellence
Dhimahi dhi yo yo nah prachodayat=I meditate upon and may my thoughts be guided by that worship worthy shining excellence
Grammar makes it backwards in Sanskrit so in english: I meditate upon that worship worthy shining excellence that is Universal deity and inherency, and may my thoughts be guided by it
Thanks for reading, please share!

Blessed Be!

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mine's simple om mani padme hum.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer), Om Mani Padme Hum, out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion.

I do love this Mantra as well! I have never heard of him/her being called Chenrezig, it sounds Tibetan which would make sense though, I've always reffered to him/her as aaryaavalokitesvara, but I'm pretty sure that's Sanskrit, so Chenrezig seems like it would be more suiting to the Bodhisattva. Thank you for sharing!

Chenzerig is a he, and indeed he is a Tibetan deity, quite important in Buddhism, or so my Buddhist aunt says. :)

See here:

Oh yes, A he for now in the form of the Dalai Lama, I meant that he has been incarnated in female forms before, so the Dalai Lama's soul itself (as with all other souls) is neither male nor female :)

The *figure* of the Chenrezig is male - as in, when you google the pictures, the Chenrezig is always *male*. I was not referring to the Dalai's soul. ;)

elsie not being rude here, the tibetans who follow buddhism believe that their dali lama is chenrezig reincarnated.

That is what thodwen means. So they believe that every generation the new dali lama is chenrezig's soul being reincarnated. He chooses to incarnate to help spread compassion to the world. And yes they believe he is male always. There are alot of buddhists sects and all believe a little differently but maninly follow the buddhist principle's.

They consult the stars, birthcharts and say they know who the next "golden child" is and find him when he is born and take him immediatety from family and begin his teachings. Which it is a great honor to them, so they willingly give their child to the buddhist monks.

I don't know if you remember i don't know how old you are. But that was part of the communist plan in china was to find the next "golden child" from the buddhist monks and kill the child in hopes of squashing buddhism in china. It was meant to break the buddhist followers spirit and stop practicing any kind of religion (tho buddhist say buddhism is not a religion it is a philosophy of life) in communist china.

Have you ever seen the movie The Golden Child?

I'm 40, and it's my aunt that's the Buddhist, not me. :)

I was NOT referring to the Tibetan belief about the Chenrezig's soul. I'm not denying what they believe, but let's be clear - I was NOT referring to that. LOL

I was referring to those Chenrezig pictures, as I explained. Google Chenrezig, you'll get a specific, recurring picture - *that*'s what I was referring to. And, I guess that for ease of reference, he's a male - souls don't have gender, I completely agree, but if it's considered he can only be incarnated in a male body, let's refer to the Chenrezig as male ;)

I'm aware that China tried to set up the next Dalai Lama as a Chinese instead of a Tibetan.

As for the associated mantra, it's used in other parts than Tibet - I've seen it associated with Kuan Yin, as well, for example. :)

Never saw that movie you're mentioning - can't handle watching movies. They give me anxiety attacks - even comedies. Don't ask. I have NO idea why I react like that. LOL

i really believe souls are male and female. lol. i do not believe the are genderless. lol. but to each there own. but i do believe a female soul can be born in a male body and vice versa. But we are not gonna know tell we die. And until someone has rock hard solid proof i am gonna believe souls do have genders.


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