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I'm looking for a mentor, I've just started witchSchool, but have been doing alot of reading. I feel right now I need someone to help guide me in my studies! Blessed Be, Mystic

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Hi i don't know if i'm not the right thing but ppl tell me if i needed help to go to the mentors if i'm doing the right thing please let me know
Merry Meet Jillian,
I don't think so. I'm looking for a mentor. I don't want to be one. There is a place here that you can join up to be one, look around. Good Luck to you,
Blessed Be Mystic
If you are looking for a mentor go to the home page of First Degree studies and go through the list of mentors. I have Rev Anna as my mentor. Rev Diane is pretty good too.
I am in need of a mentor I am beginning wicca practice and don't know where to begin and could use guidence. I would like to learn both sides of the spectrum to practice in balance. I am 21, f, ohio and am a quick learmner. if you are willing please leave me a message thank you
If you do not want one of the First Degree mentors, I would be happy to volunteer. You may e-mail me at:, or message me here.

blessed be,
alright i understand that this is to be a metor lol and thanks for telling me where to look for one


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