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Mistress of the Pyramids - Serpent Energy Unveiled. A free book by Zephonith

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I decided to write a book about eight years ago, after I came across an image during one of my habitual picture searches on the www. which quite frankly hit me straight between the eyes, considering that I had been researching the Great Pyramids of Giza at that time. Have you ever had a sudden burst of illumination, where a small thing becomes titanic in a few seconds? Anyway, this inspired me to put together a book which would test my idea's validity.

What began as an attempt to simply explain that the Great Pyramid was modeled on the energy blueprint of the human brain became  years of research . I approached the study on the basis that there are many more things in common between people and the Old Gods than there are differences, and so began to identify the amazing cross-cultural synergy of our distant Ancestors through symbolism and imagery.

The ancients spoke in images rather than using too many words, and as the book shows, this imagery was shared by every single ancient and prehistoric culture on earth at one time.

This (pre-)history and pagan spiritual science which defined it, has been hidden, concealed and forbidden for some time now. As we are currently transiting into the Age of the Daughter it is high time to lift the veil of darkness and ignorance and open Pandrosas' Box so that truth may come out.

The book centers around serpent power, or serpent energy. One of the main motivations for writing it was also to explore how serpent energy or Kundalini applies to ourselves and the world we live in right now.

At the moment, Global Warming is a trending subject. Although we cannot do anything about natural, cyclical Climate Change except prepare for the effects thereof, we can certainly do something about Global Warming, which is unnatural and results from the hand of man. It is said that real change begins from within, and that these inner changes radiate outwards into the infinite reaches of the electromagnetic Cosmos. In this way, the collective fate of this Age of Civilization is determined by the individual's actions or Karma.

"God is a circle,

with center everywhere and circumference nowhere

~ Thoth

We are a circle, 

within a circle

with no beginning and never ending"


So Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Blessed Be!


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