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I'm in the same boat for myself I don't have a name
For both me and baby
♥)O(♥ Sparrow... ALL Of Those Witches That You Mentioned In The Last Line Of Your Comment Do Have MAGICKAL Names & They Use Them In Circle & Amongst Their Own & With Close Magickal Friends! ♥)O(♥ </;-p
♥)O(♥ As you wish... it is! ♥)O(♥ </;-p
I'd go with Bilrost. He might be teased but at least in our religion he can pick his own name someday.

it seems you have your mind set , but wanted to wish you well .
No matter how beautifull the name is. If a retarded teenager can laugh at it, you'll make his life miserable. Don't make it exotic. For your son's sake.
Oh, nevermind then! Sorry
Yes please. Let's try to steer away from THIS negativity, alright?
I think he should come up with his own name in the wiccan community when he is of the right age, I dont think there is a point in giving a wiccan/witch name to someone who might change it and if he did change it, it might hurt your feelings.
A wiccan/witch name is a name that holds meaning to the holder of that name it comes from with in them. I dont think it should come from other people even if you are his mother you get to pick his non wiccan name, let him find his name for the community. But this is only my opinion, agree or not it is somthing to think upon.
I think that is a wonderful idea. I know I personally changed my name after only a few years - I feel for me it was a growing thing too. When I picked my name the first time I was drawn to it, but did ask someone the same question what happens if years down the line I feel a need to change it and everyone in the coven I was with said, that meant I had grown and it was perfectly fine.

My original name was Dealande : which means butterfly- in my personal life I was making many changes and coming out of a cocoon and so it was fitting. I recently changed it to Starlight Butterfly (a little change- but still very much the same)

Your son may do the very same. He may choose to keep it or change it slightly. Either way, it will always be a part of him and I am sure he will be honored and love to hear the story of why you choose it.

many blessing to you and to your precious boy.
"I don't know if this is true, but I'm speculating here that you were not raised pagan, and perhaps found the path when you got older? Cus it paganism is a lot different at a child's level, and it changes and evolves with the child as they grow."

Would it be possible for you to be a little politer and kinder to the people that you have asked advice from?

Blessed be You! And thanks for your enthusiasm!


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