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I'm still in high school, and I was upset one day because I wasn't allowed to take a day off for a Sabbat - my school would still count me as an unexcused absent, unless I got my mother to sign me off (she really won't - she thinks I'm Wiccan just to be "different.") All I wanted was to practice freely, and spend one of my sacred days in the woods across from my house, not in a classroom. Needless to say, I was a little upset and indignant - we get off school for every CHRISTIAN holiday, but when it comes to Ostara, I'm on my own.

Randomly, without any reason whatsoever, my friend ran up to me and gave me a present: a necklace. She had woven the string herself - a beautiful combination of red, white, and black: a tribute to the recent troubles in Japan. The pendant was a pentacle, with a triple goddess sitting atop it, the middle circle a vibrant red gem. (I've always felt very connected to the color red - I was born under Feoh, and my birthstone is a ruby. I'm a very firey person, I guess. :) )

She's a Christian. Her reason for giving it to me? "I saw it and thought of you." She's also a tad autistic, and had no idea how I was feeling.

This type of thing tends to happen to me a lot: when I feel repressed or discriminated against for being Wiccan, a random person (a stranger, once) shows me different. Every time, someone takes me away from a situation and shows me that there are accepting and loving people out there, closer than I'd think.

Lizzie, you give me hope every day. Your blind kindness is exactly what I love about you.

Love and Light,

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The Goddess and God is showing you that you need to keep the faith in your religion and don't let others tell you different.
That totally sucks. There is one state, I forgot which, that allows you to take time off if you practice Wicca. I'll try and find the info and give it to you.
Seriously? I'd love it if you could track that down for me!
Wow. I guess that was a reminder for you to stay positive and optomistic! I hope you continue to take a stand and fight for your right to freely celebrate and cherish your traditions as they allow Christians to do.
I definitely do - next time I plan on taking a day off, I'll bring it up with a school administrator. :)

I've got a feeling I'll be doing that after I graduate, though I'm trying to find some good Wicca-friendly colleges. Most of them don't really advertise that, unfortunately.
Aw, i know what u mean. My mum is sorta the same but lets me celebrate my beliefs at my own time. The good thing is, since its Sunday, you can Celebrate Beltaine <3 im gonna celebrate it today, although im new to paganism, but hey , we got to start somewhere, right? Infinite blessings to you. Ur friend was very kind to you that day, good for you to have a friend like her. The underlying message, within every religion, in the end, is KINDNESS AND LOVE. Merry blessings.
warmly, Samara :)
When i was still in highschool, my best friend wore her pentiacle to school and was suspended because she refused to take it off the school considered it a gang symbol. Me and my mom helped her get together some money for a lawyer and supported her on her quest to get her perment record from school cleared. She succeeded thankfully after two years and alot of fight with the school board, but it wasn't until the "christian" kids at school all got together with their parents an protested was she allowed to not only wear her penticale but her school record was cleared. She also showed other students who were of different religons that it was ok to stand up for what you belive in. I'm so glad that you have friends like we did. They may not understand us, but sometimes they know how to at least accept us
That truly is an incredible story - incredible how school officials can be so short-sighted and stubborn. I'm very proud of ALL of you who were in that school! Luckily, we've got a few Wiccans in my school, so it'd be hard to suspend all of us. :)


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