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The program found below is for people who wish to take advanced studys in Reiki or other Chakra based studys. It is based from the second degree works of Lord Don. I have also put some of my own things I have found on it such as Herbs and Spells that help each Chakra. This point and click program takes you step by step into finding out more and more about your own energy found within. I am looking for people wishing to help Beta Test and to send information to me.

Blessed Be
Rev. Runiker
Level 1 Reiki user

I have pasted the manual below so you can get a better understanding what this program is capable of.

Hello and thank you for testing out this program. This program is an advanced set of Chakra rules as defined by Binder. I have set up 9 different modes to help people get the information they need. All you have to do is click on the body and the information will display in a box corresponding to what information system you have selected.


Type these keys to switch between what is displayed.
1 = Overview of this base chakra targeted. (Base System)
2 = Shows the information for that level of the chakra. (Binder System)
3 = Shows the information on that specific area. (Binder System)
4 = Names a stone that can be used to balance out the chakra. (Base System)
5 = Names a herb that can be used to balance out the chakra. (Base System)
6 = Shows the color of the chakra. (Base System)
7 = Names the ruling planet. (Base System)
8 = Organs that enable the charka. (Base System)
9 = Spell to balance out the chakra. (Base System)

Room keys work as follows
F1 = Temporal System
F9 = Spell Display

Press "ESC" while in the information screen to exit the information screen. Pressing "ESC" while running the program will close the program.

Change - Log

1.0.1 - Pre-Beta
Added Spell Room
Added Room Movement Control

1.0.2 - Pre-Beta
Fixed spelling errors
Combined repeated tasks

1.0.3 - Released Beta

1.0.4 - Beta 2
Added in a Visual GUI for color and to see what you are over
Added the 2 systems into the framework (not yet implemented)

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Replies to This Discussion's interesting to see some of Don's Art used this way. A little rough for me to understand but very interesting.
updated the program
updated with more information and faster reading
Fixed tons of the spelling please give it a try and let me know what you think it has come far from version 1 and has better instructions inside the program itself.
Updated with a new user interface. All comments welcome.
Cool...we need to get this listed more.
Listed as In? I am not sure I am following you.


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