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Online Pagan Leadership Education Survey:

As part of our continued improvements, a lot of suggestions include the idea of more Pagan Leadership Courses. We are asking you are members what you think? You can email your answers to (if you want them private) or answer in the replies.

1. Do you feel the Pagan community has good leaders? Are they trained, natural, or combination of both? What are the traits you are looking for in Pagan Leadership?

2. What do you think about leadership training through Witch School currently?

3. What do you want to see taught to future leaders through a Pagan Leadership Course?

4. In what format would you prefer an online Pagan Leadership course, video, audio, text, mixed, or other?

5. Who do you want to learn from? What qualifies them to teach Pagan Leadership?

6. Would you take a Pagan Leadership Course online? Would you want to teach a online course?

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I've read many of the comments so i think answering the question may be like beating a dead horse....those who have answered had awesome answers and well thought out in what most of us would like to see. I am now in the position of taking over the biggest pagan group in our community and can't wait till we get some more info & classes on this topic.


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