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Just asking a really odd basic question, How would you open the eyes of your child who has not been exposed to Magick at all?

Everything my now 13 year old son knows of religion has been Old World Catholic, mainly Russian Orthodox. On Mabon the Ft. Hood Open Circle had a camp out/ritual that I took him to. We sat outside the circle and I answered his questions and explained what was happening to him. That was Saturday night, however Saturday morning we had to leave so he could attend a golf event that was planned before hand. He was cold so I taught him the secret of "Fire" (If you don't know this send me a message on here and I will explain it). He thought it was weird, and wrong. I calmly explained how we shape our environment constantly and this was just another way to do so. He was much more accepting. I am wondering if this was a good way to begin teaching him about Magick though.

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I think you shouldn't be encouraing your child to be in any religion, or have any religious belif at all. Think of your child really wanted to go to that camp, and if he did, if he REALLY want to, or just wanted to please his mother. The kid is 13 years old, too impresionable, too maleable. I would encourage critical thinking and agnostisism (As in no no truth is absolute, because humans can't know the absolute truth thing) but other than thtat it just feels wrong to sway him one way or another when talking about religious belifs.

Another thing i wonder is if your child is even remotly intrested, or does he only listen because you ask him to. As his mother, the influence you have on him is overpowering: he may end up thinking he wants to do something, but he only wants to make his mother happy, who wants him to do that thing. At that age kids should be thinking mostly about girls, and as a seconadry though, school. If he has any other interest such as music or sports, it's great he dedicates himself to that, but only if HE wants to. If he has as an additional interest religion, then you're doing fine, but i don't really think that is the case. It's just too unlikely a kid that age actually cares about that...

So i'd say don't teach him or take him anywhere, althouhg if he asks, asnwer and explain untill he is satisfied.
I am worried that his entire experience is limited in that area. I want to let him know there are other ideas and beliefs out there and none are wrong. He needs to know that and I know that even though some religions say things like that outwardly, they are not that tolerant of others. Not to get him to question what anyone else believes but to get him to start formulating what he believes. Our beliefs are formulated by what we are taught and observe while we are young. I am hoping that he will start asking questions and not take what someone else tells him is true.
As I've posted before I'm teaching my 11yr old some basic exercises as she wants to understand and  strengthen her ability to see auras.  Both my 10 & 11 yr olds have shown much interest about my believes, mainly I think due to thier Grandmothers pushing her own catholic beliefs and claiming mine to be bad.  As Drakill said though, I strongly belief children should make thier own informed decision, not ever feel forced.  You can be very informative, on a variety of beliefs, even christanity my kids understand the belief and how they are similar to mine as well as how they differ to mine.  My 11 yr old just asked me to get her materials to make her own BOS (or her own interpretation of mine, lol hers is more a journal x exercises).  My 10 yr old does her own  exercises and visulosations, she shows alot of interest in the divine and understanding her elements but also chooses to pray to her Grandmothers view of God.
I strongly believe this is around the age children start questioning where we came from etc, I would love to see schools actually teach children of this age a variety of belief systems so all children could make a well informed to what path they choose to follow.
One more note, in teaching him, I'd start with the basics of what most are questioning at this age, where did we come from? What happens when we die? Here you can explain our beliefs of the divine being in all, a part of all and the beginning and end of all etc.  I encourage you to teach them also how this differs to the Catholic beliefs and also explain the scientific views of evolution.  
Of you find you son interested in learning more, you can start teaching him about the different elements/energies of the divine and perhaps the basics of how to use these to help himself.
well, i believe that what they are meant to learn and believe will come to them, if your child has an interest in any religion they will question you about it, Divinity comes to each person in how they will accept and believe. I really have never pushed or felt the need to teach my children wicca or witchcraft, it just happened, because the would see my altar see me praying, etc. and grown up with it, but i have to wonder if i was'nt practicing if they would even have an interest in it.
And really they like certain gods, think my stuff is kool, my daughter wears a thor's hammer because she thinks the norse pantheon is cool, but that is as far as it goes, i feel it is up to them to read, learn, and practice on their own. blessed be


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