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I put this on FB on one of my group discussions because I figured I would get the word out and give a dying girl her wish. I got a lot of hate mail for it. Very hateful stuff. Does no one have a heart.

Her name is Mattie Powell, she was diagnosed at age 2 with cancer, the link to her story is below. After a couple years of treatment and going from hospital to hospital she was in remission. Recently they found out the cancer is back and spread to her ribs and legs and they only have an experimental treatment for it. It isnt looking good. She is a very sick little girl. Matties parents said that LIttle Mattie loves mail and asked for Cindy to have some friends send her some cards this year, this may be her last Christmas with her family. So in an effort to bring this little girl and her family some Joy and love during this very trying time. Even if you don't want to send a card please say thoughts her way. I will post her address if anyone could take the time to even pick up a 99 cent card and drop it in the mail it will bring a smile to this little girl and her family.

Just send a card and a prayer her way she would be happy to receive it all. Thanks Again Address is: Mattie Powell 16725 CR. Tu Fayette,OH 43521

Here is a website to go with this:

I understand fully that as Wiccans we do not celebrate Christmas but Yule, however, we are supposed to be respectful of others beliefs and keep our minds open. Please give this dying girl her wish.

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hello little one i just wanted to say merry christmas and may the goddess keep you always
I will send a card to her. It is heartbreaking to see little children suffer so much...anything to brighten up their day is a blessing.
I think it is wonderful that you did this. Perhaps Mattie would like a musical card if I can find one kid appropriate.Something for xmas to brighten the days in a hospital. I will add her and her family to my prayers as well. They are blessed to have a friend such as you. Happy Yule or Christmas to you all.
Blessed Be
Thank you all so very much, I hope to spread the word...

Happy Yule
Blessed be!
I went to the site and have signed her guest book there. Thank for caring so much for the joys of a little girl. May the Goddess bless you abundantly.
and sent! Thank you for posting this up! I cant believe that anyone couldnt have the time to draft a quick letter! BTW there is a guestbook on that site you could post it to if you dont think your letter will get there in time!
i appreciate what you are doing and i also appreciate you bringing this situation to everyones attention. you are right caring for others is a priority in any religion as wiccans we are to care about the earth and natural life force that surrounds us caring for others is very important in life. my only consideration is that a young girl dying of this situation is not what i would consider the natural flow of life everyone is suppose to have a chance at life my prayers and feelings go out to her and her family i am happy to see that there are others in this world who care about others and have a drive to help them.
Hi Zandra79,

I can't believe that FB ppl sent you hate mail over this. That is just crazy. Anyways, thank you for posting it here. My card won't arrive till after xmas (as I live in Australia), but I'm sure Mattie will love it just the same.

In the meantime I'll be sending Blessings, Light and Healing Energy her way.

Blessed Be,


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