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Hi there,
I was really impressed by your honesty. I know exactly what you speak of and I'm certainly glad you gave voice to it. Being a Priestess is a hard, but rewarding position. There are many more of us who feel this way out here than you probably know. We've all gotten tired of the in-fighting and are ready to emerge into a new paradigm of teaching, leading and worshipping. I applaud your voice and honesty, and I hope that we can become friends and discuss these issues because those in leadership have the responsibility to new ones coming into the Tradition.


Sadly, I completely understand where these ideas stem from, having come across similar people in my own time, both in this spiritual field and in others. Personally, I seek the title of Priest specifically to have a positive impact on others. This is not the common consensus among most. Most see positions of "authority" within a Circle/Temple/Shrine/whatever else I can't think off the top of my head, as a means to fluff one's own ego, and feel important.

This calls into question the self-worth that is placed upon one by his/herself that they need so many doting eyes upon them at once to feel any sense of value whatsoever. It's a sad state of affairs, and one I balk at.

The role of a priestess or priest is as a servant, not the served. You do not take on the mantle of either priest or priestess out of a selfish desire for personal power, fame, or respect. You take it on to help others, to lift them up to where you've been helped to rise in your own time... not to trample them underfoot in the hopes they never match or exceed you. The primary duties of the priesthood are to teach, to elevate others, and hopefully to eventually see their students surpass them. There is no greater pleasure I've had as a teacher than seeing a student realize something that I myself had never thought of, to point out something of which I was unaware. It is in that way that we teach each other, improve upon one another through our interactions as people.

There are those who would pervert that toward their own ends, who would only keep those they knew they could control, out of fear of being usurped from their imaginary throne.

I've long since decided that one day, when I finally do attain that title, that I will wear it not as a badge of pride, but as a mark of the responsibility I carry toward others who would look to me for guidance.

Well said! You're so wise. Blessed Be

Heheh. I'm flattered, but I long since learned that the wisest among us are those who realize they yet have much to learn. I seek to emulate that, so that I may one day be considered truly wise. It's not easy to realize that no matter how old you are you will always have more yet to learn, but it is what it is, and so may it be for all time.

One day... after these ten long years, I may perhaps attain my Priesthood. Things happen in their own time, but my patience with myself wears thin.

WOW! So many replies since the last time I checked in. I'm glad to see there are so many who want to push for better in the community.


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