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So I posted on tumblr "my room is too small for a "real" altar, so I use this this and this" and I got hate from it. Like I didn't know anything about Wicca and I should read some books and educate myself,Jut by one post they honk I know nothing. So this anon is giving me hate, I want to do a ritual for the victims of Columbine but I'm kinda worried.I know if it feels right do it, if not don't, and I know that, it's just, i dunno I'm getting lots of hate from this a-hole. 
I use a stall and a cover that with black (cleansed) fabric. Is that ok. It seems to work.

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you don't need an altar, you dont need tools, the magick is in you, they are just focal points to help you concentrate.
and if it works for you, then it is ok. Tell this a-hole he is the one who needs educated. Yes, altars and tools collect positive energy from the universe the longer you use them, but so do you :)

thank you!!! :) that has helped

Merry Meet . Sound's to me like the person giving you hate is the one that knows nothing about Wicca , and is the one that needs to open a book . In true magick , As long as you harm none do as you will . Sending hate to any one is a form of harm and not a wiccen practice . Also What tools you have on your altar have to feel right to you . For instance , All my book's on magick said to use a double edge blade for my air dagger . The problem was when i did it , it DIDN'T FEEL RIGHT ! It was meant to be my air dagger , But it was made of metal and metal is an earth element , not an air element . So i found me a 9" father and used Halloween hair coloring spray to color the father yellow { The color for air in magick } , and used a Raven leg bone for the handle . Now it FEELS RIGHT when i do any magic where it did not when i was using metal for my dagger of air . I hope this helps you . Blessed Be & Merry Part .

that has helped alot Thank you :)

Many people can not have a full blown altar in their rooms. I can't because I live with my christian family who are not comfortable with it. I will soon be moving to another house with a smaller room, and I will have a condensed altar there as well. I have seen many altars an many variations on the theme of an altar. Ignore the trolls and do what feels right and is possible in your current living situation.

Unfortunately unknowing will be our downfall. They who fear to think outside the metaphorical box cannot open their minds to the possibilities. According to their point of reference one needs an altar facing south at all times with the Goddess side at your active hand and a select number of symbols on either sides etc etc.
If there is no room or it simple isn't possible one can just as easily change. The Goddess will not be any less present and the magick will not be any less effective. It is simply the tools we are given but we are still the ones that decide to use them or not.

Do not let others ruin your day because they are too afraid to go beyond the familiar and try their hands at something new. Everything new was once strange and scary because it went beyond the normal.


He altar is where you make it. I currently have a little one in a book shelf. Use what you can until you have more space.

As you may already know, the Wicca community is filled with a lot of haters and busybodies.


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