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REMINDER: 2017 Lustration Reports Must be in by 1st April 2017!

REMINDER: 2017 Lustration Reports are now due!


Thank you to those of you to those whose reports I have received this year, you are registered as submitting your report for the Year 2017.

Could the following holders of Charters please send your reports in now.

Atargatis Temple
Aurora Australis Temple
Church of the Circle in the Oaks
Compassion League Temple
Dancers of Shakti Temple
Dragon Temple
Mystic Moon Temple
Our Lady of the Sylvan Wood
Sacred Light Florida Temple
Sacred Light Maryland Temple
Sacred Moon Garden Temple
Santuario de Anubis
Swedish Wolf Light Temple
Temple of Heilen
Temple of Mystic Athenae
Temple of the Trees

Dawn Chariot Proto Temple
Ignis Aeternum Proto Temple
Nerthus Proto Temple
Shrine of the Volva
Temple of the ancestors

Circle of Illuminations
Circle of Mountain Fire
Garden and Hearth
Hecate Triformis
Hermetic Universal harmony
La Acacia
Lady of Crows
Lady of Light
Lyre's Children
Moondragon's Lair
Mystic Labyrinth
Mystic Woods
Our Lady of the Healing Fields
Ravens of the New Dawn
Sacred Drum
Sacred Priesthood
Sacred Realm of Aine
Sanctuary of Diana
Sewanian Wolf Coven
Spiritual Manifestation
Spiritualis Compassare
Tree of Life
Universal Dance
White Rose

Herbal Studies
Mental Mediums
Meus Verum
Random Acts of Kindness
Self Reliant Living

Altar of the Arcane Song
Compania de Orion
Field and Forest Shrine
Flowing Waters
Indigo Healing Ministry
Our Lady of Peace
Prison Ministry
Sacred Sea Music Shrine
Shrine of Sacred Stones
Shrine of the Desert Star
Shrine of the Rooted Pentacle
Star of Avalon Shrine
Sunrise Kemetic
Tea House of the Goddess

If you have a Distance Formal Shrine please send your report to your Temple whose imperium you are under, so they may send your report in with theirs.

For those of you who are Temple Heads:
If your Temple has a Distance formal Shrine under your imperium,
please send their report with your Temple report.


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