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Currently I'm using a three-ringed binder for my BOS with normal lined paper, but the paper is ripping on the side around the holes. I don't like the bound books because you can't section things off with categories. Does anyone have a suggestion about what my options are? Is there a place where I can buy a bound book with tabs (preferably something below 30 dollars)? Thanks for your help!


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Use page protectors, slide all your papers into the plastic sheets and then they won't rip. I use a binder too (an upgrade after using a spiral hardbound book) I use plastic sheet protectors and Dividers with an index so I can find what I want in a snap and all my stuff stays protected and nice. If the sheet protectors start to tear I just replace it and my paper is still good as new :) The protectors are cheep I get 100 for $10.

Binder Cover



Sheet Protectors
Nice pictures, they've given me some ideas. And I really need to make an index. Thanks
I also use sheet protectors, an idea a friend handed to me a few years ago. I had started my own BoS about 15 years ago and it was in a bound-book so it became very cluttered and unorganized. I mentioned my strife at a meeting where a friend suggested page protectors! They're relatively inexpensive, easy to move/organize and keep messes of the pages too!
Morning, You can use those white rings made for the holes or put you pages in those sheet protectors.

Canance: I purchased my BoS on ebay from Earthy Elements. It is beautiful. It has 2 large "screws" so the hand painted wood cover can be removed and pages added or removed or moved as you chose. It comes with about 500 pages of beautiful paper included. I love mine and use it all the time. Additionally, Earthy Elements is a wonderful resource for spells, artwork (I can draw, paint etc at all) rituals, herbs, herb blends and just about anything else you could name. The lady herself is a wonderful person too who is more than willing to share any knowledge she has. She has many BoS style to chose from that are all hand painted and made of wood front and back covers. Good luck.
Do you have a link to their seller page? I tried searching in ebay and came up with nothing for their seller name
What can I say? I am an old woman. I use unlined Journals and some of them are very unkempt I am afraid.
When I started to record, I recorded from page one, to page two.
Then I realized this was a mistake.
So, I sectioned off my first Journal.
It didn't work either but I continued.
The following year I bought 2 journals - Recipes/Coorespondences Spells/Misc
Didn't Work either, not enough room
Finally, I decided that I am the only one that uses this. Perhaps one day one of my daughters will follow as another generational kitchen witch; and if she does, she will understand her mother's craziness
I now keep a Daily Journal and everything is mixed together but I color code the pages as to what I am writing.
This most certainly won't work for everyone, but since I have long ago given up on all of my obsessive compulsive habits, it suits me well. ♥ or email me, i can build you one to fit your needs,, and i bet i can do it for under 100.00 buks unlike others..

I can do something around 30.00 as well if you want just email me ok
It's been a while since you posted this, so you have probably resolved your problem, but I thought I would mention that I usually do use sheet protectors on my three ring BOS (I have two, one a three-ring, and one a small journal for traveling). But I also have lined paper that comes with the whole side with the three holes reinforced. I got a couple of packs and Wal-mart. The sides are coated in a light plastic-like substance to keep them from tearing. It's great for if I just want to jot quick notes, or if I want to do journal entries. Sometimes I don't want to take the time to worry about making something pretty, or typing it and then printing it.

I went to Walmart and got a journal for 15 dollars.
You can get gummed reinforcements for loose leaf holes. They are little round "doughnuts" of rugged paper that you stick on both sides of the sheet. I don't know what their real name is but my family always called them "paper assholes". I use a huge artist's sketchbook myself, and make nice paper or cloth bookmarks for "tabs"


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