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Currently I'm using a three-ringed binder for my BOS with normal lined paper, but the paper is ripping on the side around the holes. I don't like the bound books because you can't section things off with categories. Does anyone have a suggestion about what my options are? Is there a place where I can buy a bound book with tabs (preferably something below 30 dollars)? Thanks for your help!


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you should look at getting a hand made BOS with a 3 ring bind style in it so u can add and subtract pages and add tabs your self they are worth the money
Merry Meet Canace, I concur with everyone and Priestess Aiyanna on their advice to you pertaining to using a scrapbook, it is harder and more managable.
However I do want you to go to this url or website: and and the e-mail address is: . Go to BOS and click, then when done let me what you think!. They're expensive Canace, but they're hand and custom made, I thought you may like to view them!. You can reach me at I'll begin helping you on searching for a BOS in your range forthwith, until then,,, Blessed Be!.
I have been using a large three ring binder, as I have many from being an advanced certified QuickBooks Advisor for many, many years. I have just removed the old information from Intuit and added regular lined paper with heavy bonded paper for my art work. So far, it has been working and fairly inexpensive. Additionally, you can use sticky notes for tabs. At least for now. And once you have it to your liking, scrapbooking is the best.
I personally use a Ledger book,I like the look of a long slim book as opposed to a binder, and it can be found at any staples or office depot,for about$ 20.00.. the pages are bound, and if you are crafty , you can decorate it to your liking.
i am using a desktop wiki to keep it all organized, someday i might make a hard bound one, but for now this is working for me due to the fact i can keep it all on a thumb drive and still use it where i may, everything is in a nice text file and when it is run under zim everything is all linked together so i can find just what i am looking for with a couple of clicks, the journal that i have within it is very nice to.
I just purchased an inexpensive fabric covered scrapbook and used some fabric paint to 'adorn' the cover. I'm far from crafty but it was fairly simple and fun to do and I like the idea of 'creating' my own an allowing my own energies to flow into whatever I am 'crafting'. I've attached a photo for those who may be interested. BB!
You can reinforce with hole stickers you can get them at Walmart
I use Ms One allows me to move pages around, and organize in tabbed sections
I just found a lined 300 pg soft leather cover jounal at a garage sale. I has a old worl atlas on the cover with leather strap to keep it closed. a magic find
I too have much in MS OneNote. I love it. It is so easy to organize. Besides that I do have a BOS folder on my desktopl, and a 3 in. three-ring binder. I would love to some day have one of those huge bound books, but unless you find a treasure like Robert there did, it's expensive. So I want to wait a while until my BOS is feeling more complete. I know it will always be growing and changing, but I would rather not waste the money at this stage of my learning.
Merry meet! I actually purchased a fabric covered scrapbook, fabric paints, extra sheet protectors and scrapbook paper and that s what I use for my BOS. It can grow with you as you continue to learn and add. You can move pages and shuffle them around as needed. And you can be as creative as you like when decorating it... I hope this helps. (I paid probably around $25-$35 on all of the supplies including the book itself, you can see the attached photo). Blessed be!
I first started on my using a lined school scribbler lol.
The writing could be seen from both sides, i quickly changed over to paper, using a clipboard.
That quickly grew too cumberson.
Then i was lucky enough to work at a new age shop, and as part of my wage, i was able to pick up a couple books, and a fake leather bound BOS.
I tried to be logical & split it into books(chapters), putting different information into different sections, but of course, i forgot to leave space!!!
So now, i'm back to the drawing board.
I'm going to try to build a cloth covering wood panel 3 fold book. Using those metal prong fasteners which i am hoping to figure a way to connect to the cover. then i can add paper as i need it.
I've read up on book binding, and have figured out how to create a tri-fold, just a question of getting dimentions correct.
course, now i have to rewrite everything i've done before lol whoo hooo lots of fun!!!
At least this way, i can move information around. now sure how i'll number pages etc for an index .
but hey, gives me something to do :)


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