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Thank the Lord and Lady that a Discriminatory Adopt Bill was voted down.

I want you all to go on this website to read this story about Illinois senate committee voted down a bill not allow same sex couples. If this bill had passed faith based agencies would not allow same sex couples to adopt or be foster parents.


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Honestly, i'm not sure about this.

I'm hoping the goverment will keep track of this couples and document anormal behviour on the children. Because being honest i do belive having two dads can case problems on the childen.

'cource if no relation is found i say let them.
Thank you Hunter, you took the words out of my mouth before I went on a rant1 I been studied because I have a brain injury and you know its not fair I am a statistic? hm I thought I was a person that is loving and creative...:)

I never take anything on the internet personally. Don't worry.

I get what you say, but if not the goverment i really wish a psichological foundation, institute or something would do this kind of studies. Even though freedom is all good and ideal, some people are just plain dumb, and left in their freedom they will cause more harm to themselves, others and the universe in general. This may be the case. I know gay couples want to have children, i've just never seen a large-scale study that proves that the children raised by parents of the same sex aren't damaged somehow. Their ignorant, even if good-intended actions might end up harming the children. I won't say a word in complaint as soon as i'm shown there is no relationship between a child having gay parents and abnormal harmfull behaviour, psichological damage or whatever. I do think there should be a goverment control on this issue to ensure this however.
The concept of "evil" is so subjective... i really just ignore it. That's not what i meant.

Of cource i don't think the gay parents are evil somehow. They just want to be happy, and they have all the right to do so. But it simply makes sence to me that a human being, gnenetically programed to be raised with two parents of diferent sex, will be negatively afected by having two fathers or two mothers. I just wish i was given proof that this does not happen. Green flag by all means if it doesn't. But else the children should be protected.
Sexuality has nothing to do with raising a child. A single mother is capable of raising and productive member of society. Most documented serial killers were raised by heterosexual couples. Does this mean that ALL. Heterosexual couples raise killers? 
I'm not saying there is proof same-sex couples harm the children. To me, with what little i know about psichology, seems like there should simply because of the society we live on (the contrast of seeing other children with a mom and a dad, and yourself with two fathers or two mothers) or perhaps by genetic factors, humanity has been, in an overwhelming mayority, raised by couples of diferent sex. But that is just me.

Because in my logic there should be a problem, it is an issue. Because if it is so, it should not be allowed. I cannot simply ease myself dismising it, it's like a small thorn in there. I'm not against this law, i'm against the lack of fundament for it were it up to me this would be a "on trail" law per say, just while we make sure indeed nothing wrong happens.

I'm not saying it harms, i'm saying i think it could, and i would love to see it doesn't so i could be at ease with the law.
No. It is just a conclusion that seems logical by my reasoning. That's why i don't advocate to revoke the bill, rather to use the oportunity to make sure indeed same sex adoption is harmless.
MM, Nia. Thanks for sharing. Now, we can hope that each and every state will follow suit. BB.


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