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Dakinis are flying female spirits of inspiration and power. They are protective and terrifying. Sometimes dangerous if provoked. They are my personal guardians and are invoked for initiations in tantric rites.

Some translate the Tibetan word for witch, for some of these dakini spirits are mortal women who died but, risen to the honorable place in the cosmos as a dakini.
They have male counterparts called Dakas.

The dakinis are sometimes thought to be Valkyries because of their similar characteristics. There are 64 dakini's who are attendants to Kali, my matron goddess. Some are full fledged buddhas, bodhissatvas and vajra masters. Vajra masters have awakened the sacred gtumo or tummo which is described like the kundalini but not to be confused. It is a pure light that travels up the base of the spine to awaken the Godhead.

The only way to learn secret sacred tantric ritual, besides having a living teacher, is to connect with these spirits. Dakini rituals were practiced well into the 16th century, but, began to fade from mainstream hindu religion. Temples were abandoned but many shrines still can be visited today. These temples are known to be dakini temples because they have no rooftop. This was to allow the spirits of dakinis to fly in and out.

Dakini feasts are held on the 5th and 25th of every month.

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Oh yes, I have read that article before. Thanks dear, Fantum!

your welcome , it gives a little more insight into the topic ...


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