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I've run into a lot of discussions lately where people talk about the most important things that they study or read, but I'm curious...

For your spiritual path, what is the most important thing that you DO as part of your religious/magical practices?

How often do you do it?

Why do you feel it is important to do it?

Are there consequences to not doing it? If so, what are they? If not, why do you do it if there are no consequences for not doing it?

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Ironically, the important things that I do to stay connected come from two spiritual backgrounds I have had. Christian/Catholic and Buddhist. What I do is pray to deities and meditate. These things help keep me focussed and centred. When I do not do these things I tend to have an out of control life.

Every morning, to start my day, I take about 15 mins. to perform my morning ritual consisting of prayer, shielding and other such practices designed to equip. and armor me for the day. Since I am a nurse, I come into contact with many people during the day in varying stages of health and emotional stability. If I were not to perform my morning ritual, the tax on my own energy levels would lead to a decrease in my own over-all health.

In the evenings before bed, I give thanks,meditate, ground and release. Grounding and releasing is "big"; all that acquired energy from everyone has got to go. I get irritable, can't sleep or sometimes even become ill if I am unable to successfully let everything go.

I have a half-hour drive to work through the open country, and I sing my morning greetings and salutations in the car on the way to work, always, ALWAYS giving thanks for my life and my living~ If I don't do this, I feel out of sorts all day, and the day doesn't get any better until I take the time to do so. It clears my mind and my energy systems for the work of the day ahead, which is a great help to me, as I work in customer service for an insurance HMO, and deal with people every day who have life-threatening illnesses and injuries, and need the best possible information from me. On the way home from work, I thank the Universe for the day, and welcome the evening, and release the day past, to arrive home with my energies ready to welcome being home and dealing with my home life and my husband and family and friends. I think this 'alone time' is one of my most important things to stay in Balance, for me...

it is a difficult question to answer as my routine keeps changing. over all over a long period i manage to average 20 or so min per day. sometimes it is more sometimes it is hardly. such routine change is for some months continously. so it is difficult to say what is most important
Blessed Be

The most important thing I do. Wow, that is a great question!

Certainly one to make you think. The most important thing I do is starting my day with a brief meditation and ritual. I think it is important to start things off right by clearing my own head, thanking the powers that be for the day that has been given to me, and asking for guidance and protection as I go about my tasks.

My daily devotion is so important to me that I am out-of-sorts and things are off-kilter if I don't do it. One of those "Perpetual Mondays" if I don't get it done. The day goes horribly, it's like taking my life into my own hands. Forgetting has resulted in numerous "bad things" in the past; up to and including physical harm.

The habit helps me be productive, centered, focused and in tune with the world around me. I am only half a person without it. If I forget, which I haven't done for a long time, things are bad until I set things right.

The funny thing is that I have been doing a morning devotion for over 20 years. That morning ritual is so ingrained on me now I think that even if there were no consequences I would continue to do it, it just feels right.


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