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The Need For Meditation By Tercy Logan ... And ... An Equinox Message Inspired by Archangel Hope Via Shanta Gabriel ... And ... Archangel Michael Prayer By Melanie Beckler

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As great Edger Cayce said, “Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God.”

Most traditional religions spend an enormous amount of time talking to God and praying , but very little time meditating and listening.

God will talk back if you listen. If you can’t hear His voice clairaudiently , then He will speak to you through intuition, knowingness, comprehension, thoughts, images, music, poetry or creative expression. He will speak through other people and through synchronicities.

God is talking to us all the time. We must have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Wish You a wonderful day to You to all my Divine Friends with lots of love & light. Tercy


SO HAM OR HONG SAU meditations is the meditation that Yogananda, Muktananda, Sai Baba and many Eastern masters have taught. SoHam means “I am the Self” or “I am God” or "I Am That I Am". It supposedly is the actual sound of humans breathing as God listens us. When blended together during sleep, one hears the Aum.

Say this mantra in rhythm with your breath. On the in-breath in your mind say SO. Sooooo... is the natural sound of inhalation that the mind remembers. On the out-breath say Ham. Hammmm..... is the natural sound of exhalation that the mind remembers.  Let your breathing decide the speed and rhythm of your breathing with the mantra.

The Soham mantra has been called the universal mantra because of the fact that its vibration is already a part of the breath, and everybody breathes.

Wish You a wonderful day to You to all my Divine Friends with lots of love & light. Tercy


Recognize the importance of doing prayers of protection every morning and every night before bed. There is a Dark Brotherhood and there are astral and negative extraterrestrial forces that are not of the light. This is nothing to be afraid of, for they can enter only if we allow them to.

We are victims of nothing, for we are God.

The ultimate protection is staying in your personal power at all times and keeping your attention on God. When spiritual practice weakens on occasion, the darker forces can create some limited interference. This is easily remedied by getting back into your personal power and prayers to reestablish your attunement and protective light.

As a preventive, It is recommend that twice a day you call forth to Archangel Michael and Ascended Master Vywamus for a golden dome of protection to be placed around you. If you prefer, you can request a tube of light for protection. The type of protection does not matter.

The important thing is to ask, knowing you are receiving with faith. This simple practice can be of enormous help and will help strengthen your psychological immune system.

Wish you Great Monday with good wishes and God’s Blessing to all my Divine Friends. Tercy

Video - Affirmations: I Am One With The All-Embracing Light of Source Energy" By Steve Nobel -

An Equinox Message Inspired by
Archangel Hope Via Shanta Gabriel

Dear Ones,

We are speaking today of merging. Merging means to be fully immersed in the Light of the Universal Presence, aligned with your most essential self, embracing and welcoming the Creative Force into your Earthly body. This process leads to Wholeness and a full integration as you become a Divine Human active in the world.

There are aspects of this merging process that are being reflected upon your Earth now. You are seeing conflagration of vast tracts of forest land. These massive fires are larger than have ever been seen by humankind. But what is also going on in this process is not just the scorching of the Earth and the devastation of life and property, there are clear analogies available between the transformative process you are experiencing, and the ancient process of Balance within Nature.

For eons, the environment has depended upon the wild fires to clear away the old and non-essential within the forest freeing the natural life forms to thrive in their habitats. We liken this to your relinquishment of old thoughts and attitudes, which can be seen as the invasive species of mass consciousness.

Just as the heat of the fire is the catalyst necessary for seeds to be released to create new life in the forest, the heat of your transformation is raising your frequencies enabling you to expand your awareness, and let go of all that no longer serves you.  In order to grow into the crystalline form of your light body, the fires of transformation clear away the extraneous releasing the old patterns that are not evolving in order for new forms to birth within you.

The trees have been teaching you for many years now with their clear demonstrations of alignment and photosynthesis. You are using Light as food and nourishment for the creation of your subtle light bodies. The nourishment the tree roots are receiving is naturally raised up the ascending currents within the trunk. In the same way the ascending currents within the spiritual core of your being are raising your spiritual energy from the base of your spine and also bringing the feminine nourishment from within the Earth up into your heart.

The tree attracts and feeds upon the sun light, absorbing Light into its needles or leaves and bringing that powerful energy into the the full body of the tree with the natural descending current. The ancient yogis have spoken of this natural current as your connection to the Light of Infinite Intelligence that descends through your energy system so you can integrate divinity into your human form.

Trees become the ultimate demonstration of the alignment and merging of Heaven and Earth through a living being. You have been diligently integrating your Universal Selves and your earthly human selves. Through this you are activating the crystalline body that will allow you to use the new frequencies as a transformative tool within your lives.

Through all of this activity, you are setting into motion the evolutionary process of fully manifesting as the Divine Human, one who is able to live from higher dimensional awareness while in physical form. You do not need to leave your body to ascend into higher consciousness.

As you go through the fires of evolutionary chaos, know you are a catalyst for the birthing of a new form of humanity, one that lives in harmony with Nature and is able to rise above the destruction so that new life abounds in full creative expression on the Earth and within your own life.

Allow yourself to be grateful that you are conscious of this blessing. You are transmuting the old to create the new. Hope is fulfilling this mission. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Hope
September 19, 2018

Video - "Equinox Angel Card Reading" By Melanie Beckler

Invoke the Guidance and Protection of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a powerful spiritual being of unconditional love and light. He is the most well known Archangel in the world, as his name is mentioned in the Bible, the Torah, and the Qur'an…

In each of these sacred religious texts he is referred to as a leading Archangel who fights evil, while also acting as a Divine messenger, and protector.

Although Michael is mentioned in these three major religions, his presence and support for humanity transcends any one religion, as well as time, and space.

Archangel Michael is well known to offer his assistance with matters of protection, integrity, courage, truth, strength, gaining clarity, making life changes, and more!

Learn more about Archangel Michael here! 

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Archangel Michael is the easiest Archangel to hear and connect with, and he is always ready, able, and willing to assist all who call upon him.

You don't need a formal prayer or invocation to align with the help of Archangel Michael, you can simply think or say… “Archangel Michael connect with me now” or “Archangel Michael protect me now”…

I have however been guided to offer this Archangel Michael prayer for those who would like a little more guidance in making the link with Archangel Michael. Practice calling in Archangel Michael, and rephrase this prayer to make it your own. Honestly, it's not so much a prayer as it is an invocation. It's a simple way you can invite the angelic assistance of Michael into your life.

If there is a specific area of your life you would like help with… Just add in “Archangel Michael please help me with ____________”. Don't specify exactly how you would like the help to appear, but rather be open to the specifics of how the angelic assistance comes into being.

Once connected, Archangel Michael communicates clearly and precisely to help bring you into alignment with Divine love, and with your highest and greatest good. He will also delegate tasks to other angels to accomplish the Divine will.

Archangel Michael Prayer By Melanie Beckler

Archangel Michael Prayer

archangel michael

Video - "Archangel Michael Prayer" -

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