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Is there even a way to stop this pain? I'm looking for something to erase my mind completely, so far I have found a potion but it will make me brain dead, Electroshock therapy but it won't help me with my mental health, there is a spell as well but it could make things worse in my mind, or if I hit my head in a certain way I can wipe my head clean but if I miss I could end up remembering more things than I need. I know better than to use magick but this pain it just won't go away. I'm now in more pain than I was before, but still.... When will this end? Why can I not get over this pain? it hurts so much, hard to sleep at night as well. I don't understand this either. It's hard to think right. This pain in my heart and my head, where is it coming from? Why won't it end?

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HI my Snowy
the pain is coming from someone or something very negative in life and your letting them win,i thought my girl was stronger at least that's how it seemed to me ,your no weakling your a powerful and a strong woman you need to realize this and stop letting other people change someone who's beautiful inside and out.boy could I tell you horror stories from my childhood but I will not let it win and neither should you.You are Powerful use it!!!M0M

wow you are talking about physical harm to yourself....maybe you should seek professional help.

no potion or spell can overcome mental illness.

please seek help.

no thank you. it's passed for now. i am fine

Seriously, see your doctor. Migraines and depression can cause these sorts of things. If you are talking about harming yourself that's reason enough to see your doctor.

I'm fine. So no thank you. Besides I've already talked to my therapist. She thinks I have mental fatigue. Which is fine to. I don't need a doctor to lock me up. I'm fine.


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