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I was doing research lately and came across something I am not familiar with. I was so needing if someone could tell about or direct me to a site where I can read about Lord Pride and the other sins. I do not want to ask him himself (of course)and I am not sure where to find it at.

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Who is lord pride lol?
Are u talking about the seven sins of christianity?

There isnt any sins in wicca.

Maybe instead of focusing on pride, try to better understand modesty. Look at the virtue which is the antithesis of the sin. Although the seven deadly sins are a Christian concept, they have a validity as behaviors that are not healthy for an individual. If you personify these sins in order to better understand them, there is nothing wrong with that.

Somehow, I don't think that is what they are talking about. I think that it may be some misled people that call themselves Wiccan. I have never heard of this group, but there are a lot of misled and misleading people that like to call themselves Wiccan in the world.

Maybe you are thinking about a group of "Satanists"? They would probably go by titles like that. They try to go as hard against the Christian bible as they can from what I understand. Then again, maybe they are a group of Christians that embrace their "darker side". I really don't know for sure.

Technically, there might be a such thing as a sin in the Wiccan faith, but it would only be to go against the law of the faith. "Do what you will, but harm none."

No. Technically not.
The law is a statement of morality.
Not a sin.
If you choose to act wrongly your actions come back to you. If you choose to be postive in situations and kindly to everyone you'll receive that back.

By calling it a sin is just not correct.
No gods or goddess is going to damn u to hell for any wrong actions u choose to make.
You have yourself to answer to. It is self resposibility. You have no one to blame for acting wrongly but yourself.

I think people mix concepts from christianity in wicca. It is annoying i agree.

A sin doesn't damn you to hell in Christianity. A sin is something that goes against the laws of that religion. You do not get sent to hell over any sin other than being born in the blood-line of Adam and Eve, and that is only if you don't choose to believe in Jesus being the "Son of God". I would be going to hell according to their religion. Of course, hell is taken from another religion that was around before Christianity. Christianity is basically the bastardization of many religions that existed before it.

Anyway... If we were talking about something in Wicca resembling sin, then it would be to break the only rule that we have. That won't get you sent to eternal damnation, but sometimes when karma bites you in the butt you may want to be in "hell" rather than dealing with it. But no, the term "sin" only exists in the Christian religion according to what I understand.

I think if someone breaks the law of wicca
we shouldn't call it a sin.
A sin is breaking the divine law of god which he set
Forth in the bible.

And karma is nothing more than a learning lesson
for the individual from their negative actions.
Which apparentely was needed for there soul to grow
In this lifetime.

Not everything bad that happens to a person is karma
Bad things do happen to good people.

Not all christians believe the samething. I just read a site
Where where they say there are 40 sins that will send you to hell

Well i thought to myself heaven is gonna be a lonely place because
accotding to this everyone i know is going to hell. :)

But enough about the christians. I agree with most of what you say.

I think the idea is a code of conduct and personal responsibility, not so much sin.

MM Amberhawk,
do we have the choice of defining code individually or is the code defined and all of us are expected to follow? in other words can I formulate the code of conduct for myself and follow it, ignoring everyone else, if I can satisfy myself that I have harmed none, since I am not accountable to anyone else?
Blessed Be

at least in Hinduism, which is a pagan religion, we have sins
everyday one is supposed to say 'kamokarishith manyonakarishith namona maha' which if translated is 'lust made me do wrong, anger made me do wrong, please forgive me' to cleanse one's soul and purify oneself. so sin or doing wrong are also in pagan religions, if not in Wicca.
Blessed be

Are you speaking Lucifer ? he is the God of Pride at least according to the mythology of the Jews. He was one of the fallen or so according to their theology which ties in with that of Babylon and that of Sumeria. In this tradition Pride was considered the root of all Evil . perhaps even the starting point. thus making one think, that they are much better then others etc.Mammon/avarice was conceited the demon of riches and concaveness. as Thomas Aquinas puts it : a worldly sin which causes miser, thieves, as well as murders. Thus sin of material wealth, for with any of these they never get enough.and causes neglect to ones spiritual growth. Asmodes is the God of lechery and lust as well as material discord, not caring who gets hurt. mostly knows as 'sins of the flesh ". It is said to lead to uncleanness. both for the physical as well as spiritual. The forth would be that of Envy. thus we get the saying " eat your heart out ". in Rome was represented as a dog eating out the hearts of man. Beelzebub, which rules over excess , that of eating or drinking or anything done to excess.We as wiccans, know that everything should be done in moderation. Belphogor is the God of Sloth , the tempter who seduces man with wealth, as well as neglect, it is said that all sin is due to this, that of ignorance can be placed here. And last but not least is that of Anger, this escalates and causes much influence in the lives of man, thus once again creating a negative, both mind , body as well as spirit , and always remember the opposite of anger is the virtue Patience. Hope this helps ... MP


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