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THE YEAR OF JOY – 2019 By Emmanuel Dagher ... And ...Allow The Grace Of The Angels To Work For YOU!...And... Emerging On The Other Side By Sonja Myriel

The Year Of Joy – 2019 & January Energy Forecast By Emmanuel Dagher

My beautiful friend,

It’s an honor for me to connect with your sacred presence again this way. I’m excited to update you on what the year 2019 has in store for us . . .

Before we begin, I am humbled and grateful to announce that this year marks the 10  Year Anniversary of these Energy Forecasts!

Whether you have been on this journey with me since Day One, or were recently introduced to these Forecasts … from the deepest parts of my heart, I thank you.

It’s because of your kindness, feedback, messages, Love, support, and friendship that these Forecasts have endured.

These Energy Forecasts were actually inspired by a dream.

In late 2008, I had an interesting dream that now I look back on as being one of the reasons why these Forecasts were birthed.

In the dream, I was sitting in a quiet café in what seemed to be the south of France, because I kept hearing people speaking French.

I was enjoying the scenic view surrounding me as I sat on the outside patio, sipping some chamomile tea, when an elder wise woman sat down at my table for two.

She looked to be in her late 80s or early 90s, yet her eyes were crystal clear, and her personality was filled with youthful, vibrant energy.

She spoke a bit about how much she loved music, dancing, and singing, and even got up and started to dance around a bit, insisting on leading me in a dance.

After dancing and giggling for what seemed to be a good while, she had a moment of seriousness, and whispered into my ear:

“The old world of fear and separation is dissolving quickly, and a new world of Unity and Love is emerging.

As this is happening, there will be many who promote the agenda of fear and chaos to keep things the same—in essence, to keep things unbalanced.

There will also be many new people who emerge disguised as spiritual teachers and guides, yet be mindful of their intentions.

Some things to look for: Are these teachers and guides all-inclusive in their outlook? Is their demeanor kind, compassionate, easy, and flexible?

Does what they share feel expansive? Is what they share empowering and healing?

True spirituality is all-inclusive. It is also very simple. If it feels complex and hard, usually it’s coming from a story the mind has created, rather than from our Spirit.”

After whispering all of this into my ear, she then started dancing again, giggled, and gave me a hug. I then woke up from the dream.

When I have dreams this vivid, I usually write them down for future reference.

I immediately wrote down everything I experienced in the dream, so I would not forget any of it once I had fully woken up and begun my day.

I usually don’t think about dreams that much, but this one kept standing out for me. I reflected and meditated on it for weeks afterward.

After a few weeks of contemplating, I began receiving the inner message, “Pay attention.”

I wrote that message down, and made it my mantra for the next few weeks.

As I was repeating “Pay Attention” throughout each day, I began to notice greater synchronicities happening all around me.

I began to see clear themes coming up for my friends, family, colleagues, and clients that mirrored one another.

It was like the invisible thread connecting us all was becoming very clear and visible.

My mom always tells me, “If you receive/see/hear things in 3s, whether they’re messages, opportunities, experiences—often it’s feedback that we’re meant to look at that situation more closely. It’s also a kind of confirmation.”

However, as I continued to affirm, “Pay Attention,” the confirmations were showing up much more often than usual.

After continued contemplation, meditation, and deep inner stillness, what was revealed to me was how interconnected we all are.

The concept of Oneness that we often read about in spiritual books was no longer just a concept.

It had become a real and palpable reality.

The dots were now connected, and I saw that we are all One Family!

It became very clear that when one of us is going through something, it often means we are all going through something similar.

From this new awareness—and with the desire to create something that helps bring us all together, by letting us know we are not alone on this journey called Life—the Energy Forecast was birthed.

With all my heart, I thank you for being such a bright reflection of Love and beauty in the world.

With each new Forecast, the realization that we are all connected anchored itself all the more for me—because of you and the wonderful feedback you offer.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to us, and may we celebrate many more years of expansion, Love, and Unity together!

And now, let’s get right to the Forecast . . . 

Video - "Let The Light Language & AA Metatron Spin The Metatron Cube For Your Spiritual Upliftment" -

The Year of Joy

2019, which numerically represents a 3 Year, will be the year our Spirit lovingly nudges us to make our long-term joy and fulfillment a top priority in our lives once and for all.

This year will help those of us who still tend to sacrifice our own joy in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of others.

It will support us in refining ourselves out of these old patterns of self-neglect, so we can open ourselves up to receiving complete joy and fulfillment.

This will be the year in which we discover what helps us create real joy.

As we decide to get clear on aligning with joy, often we’re guided to take inventory of all the things we’ve allowed to disrupt our joy.

The first part of this year will serve as an excellent time for this, so that we can heal and move past anything we’ve allowed to distract us from creating real joy. 

The healing begins when we allow ourselves to acknowledge, honor, and feel all of our emotions.

Our emotions are like our children, who just desire to receive our attention and affection.

Rather than hiding, blaming, or brushing our emotions aside, we can allow ourselves to feel them in a way that is authentic to who we are.

When we do that, we remove the feelings of shame and the pressure we’ve placed on ourselves to not feel or experience them.

By removing that pressure, we give our emotions the chance to heal. This creates the space for authentic joy and peace to be fully realized.

Just as we have the ability to offer this healing for ourselves, we also have the opportunity to offer this to others, simply by letting go of the need to blame, judge, and have personal expectations about how we “think” they should be.

The state of our personal lives (if we are not experiencing joy very often) and the state of humanity right now is just an indicator that we are all asking to receive more Love and compassion.

We begin by first offering this Love and compassion to all aspects of ourselves—physically, mentally,emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Then, for those who are unable to offer us compassion, we offer them compassion, so that they can learn how to give that to themselves and others. It creates a domino effect.

We are the only ones responsible for our own personal joy and well-being. Knowing this, we can become empowered, realizing that our authentic joy can only come from within ourselves.

This year will provide us with many opportunities to awaken lasting joy, in ways we may not have given ourselves before now!

All that’s asked of us, is to allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions, and to notice and pay attention to the opportunities that present themselves.

Since 2019 is the Year of Joy, there’s a great deal of extra lightness, ease, peace, creativity, laughter, beauty, community, clarity, and magic available to us now.

To receive and experience more of these qualities, it will serve us significantly to make ourselves and our well-being the top priority in our lives.

Waking Up from a Dream

Towards the beginning of 2019, it will feel to many of us that we have awakened from a dream.

It will feel as if we are being more ourselves than ever before.

2018 was a very challenging year, probably one of the hardest for many, even though it was also one of the most spiritually expansive years we’ve experienced in our lifetime.

So many people’s worlds were turned upside down and inside out. Yet it all happened to bring us back to being the purest, most authentic version of ourselves


For those who have been doing the inner work, 2019 will feel like a welcome relief.

Of course, there will always be intense cycles that take place in each year.

Yet 2019 will bring a renewed sense of vitality and optimism that will help us feel we’re back, and feeling better than we’ve ever felt before.

The Spotlight is on You

The world we see around us is simply a reflection of how we are treating ourselves.

Those who decide to release the pattern of putting other people’s needs before their own will see the world around them mirror that decision.

When we nurture and love ourselves completely, the world around us will show up in the same exact way. Naturally as we do things for ourselves first, our lives then expand in ways that support us in that.

When others enter the presence of someone who makes themselves a top priority in their life, it can be felt instantly. There is nothing more attractive then someone who loves themselves, and we’re not speaking of a love that only comes from an egoic space.

When someone loves themselves and makes themselves their top priority, they no longer need anything outside themselves.

They are no longer desperate and attached to making people, places, experiences, and outcomes behave in a certain way.

Because of this, other people gravitate toward them, wanting to support, help, and be around someone who operates from this way of being.

As you continue to expand into deep and nourishing self-Love this year, you will notice that the spotlight will be shining on you. You will see doors opening for you, and new blessings showing up in your life.

Overall, this is going to be one of the most magical years we’ve ever experienced.

All that’s asked of us, is to make our own joy and well-being our top priority, and everything else will take care of itself.

May this new year of 2019 bring you the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest blessings you’ve ever experienced!

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


Video - "Energy Clearing With AA Michael" Via Melanie Beckler

Allow The Grace Of The Angels To Work For You By Shanta Gabriel

Angels Work Every Day

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel is encouraging you to remember to ask for assistance from the Angels for even the most mundane circumstances, then be willing to receive in a new way.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


Allow the Grace of the Angels to Work in Your Everyday Functions.

Message From Shanta .....

It is interesting to consider that the Angels want to work in our everyday functions. That means that no matter what we are doing, inviting the Angels to participate with us would add a new creative dimension to our activities.

The Angels are working for the awakening of every person on the planet to help create a world that holds the Peace and the Beauty that most of us want to experience.

Angels are always available to us, but because this is a Free Will planet we need to invite the Angels to participate in our lives before they will help out. I have had amazing experiences when I invited the Angels to assist me in relationship issues, technical computer cases, and health challenges, as well as a myriad of other situations. In every instance, their help has been very creative and often miraculous.

Working with the Angels is beyond our mind's capacity to understand. Beneath the level of everyday awareness lies the spirit that is your true state of being. When you open to receive the light of the Angelic Dimensions into your heart and mind, a beautiful world of clear seeing is available to you and life responds by offering the magic of awakening energy.

When everything takes on an enchanted edge, you have raised your vibrational frequencies. This allows you to be lifted up on wings of Angels to be carried into the realms your Soul remembers. It feels like Home, and your inner being rejoices in the experience of the Love that awaits you.

This is the gift being offered to you by the Angelic Dimensions. There are some Angels that have been with you from the moment of your Soul's first incarnation and Angels that came to you for this lifetime.

There are Angels that show up when you are in a challenge that will benefit your Soul's growth. And there are legions of Angels who are specifically working to support you through the Shift of the Ages we are all experiencing. Every one of these beings of Light holds your best interest at heart and is at the beckoning of your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self knows the Angels from whom your Soul would most benefit. It is your job to be in contact with this most exalted part of your being and let your Higher Self, acting as the voice of your Soul, bring to you the help and guidance that you are seeking from the realms of Angels.

You are being asked to step out in Faith and open to a new level of empowerment and joyous life. Everyday functions become the enchanted way of living that many of us imagined was possible.

Your willingness to ask for help miraculously brings you into alignment with the Creative Source of All That Is. Allowing ourselves to receive all the good that is available for us becomes our main task.

Just think how your willingness to receive helps the Angels to fulfill their destiny. You would be doing them a big favor!

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the opportunities being offered for me to receive the assistance of the Angelic Dimensions into every area of my life. May I be a receptive presence that allows the wisdom, insight and expanded perception of these beings of Light to serve me as they have offered to do.

May all beings allow the Grace of the Angels to work with them to bring more Love, Wisdom and Empowerment into life on Earth now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

Video - "The Mary Transmission: Invoking Angels of Peace, Love and Miracle-Consciousness"

By Steve Nobel -

Allow the Grace of the Angels to Work in Your Everyday Functions

Message From The Angels .....

Dear One,

The Angels are always available. Their presence is blessing all that you do and say. Their intention is for Peace, Harmony and Divine Order on the Earth. When you call upon the grace of the Angels, all situations are blessed with their intentional energy. This is a very powerful tool to use in daily life.
Do you want order in your workplace so that all your work is done quickly and easily, so that all you need is available, and all your words and actions are guided? If so, call the Angels into your workplace. Ask for their blessings and know divine order will be the result. Allow the Angels to intervene on your behalf even with the smallest details that you feel you should take care of by yourself. You will find your work flowing more easily and smoothly. Even more, Creative Solutions will abound.
Do you want peace and harmony in your relationships? Ask the Angels to assist in your family and in all interactions with others. More harmony and a new level of grace will be the result.
The Angels are here to bring more love, harmony and order into daily life. They are here to demonstrate how much easier life can be when you allow a higher frequency of energy to work through you. But they will not intervene unless they are asked, so there must be a willingness on your part to bring peace-filled energy into your life.
The Angels are messengers of God. They are not here for you to worship nor to gain power over you. They are here to assist you.

The Angels are a part of the Divine Presence just as humans are, so there is no need to fear when you have prayed to experience more miracles in your life. Your willingness to have more love, joy and harmony will bring to you those very qualities you seek. You can bring the Angels into your life to assist you in enhancing the energy you work with every day.
It is a great gift to have the Angels offer their assistance for planetary good, as well as for the good of your personal life. Allow yourself to receive this blessing. Ask for assistance in all the mundane things that bring you stress. Ask for angelic intervention in all overwhelming situations.

Allow yourself to feel this incredible level of support. Be willing to have yourself surrounded in wings of Pure Love and see how much easier your life will feel to you. You can receive the love, light and wisdom of the Angels now, all you have to do is ask.

Please remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Allow the grace of the Angels to work in everyday functions.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 6, 2019

Video - "Let Go & Let Divine Love Take Care Of Our Planet" -

Emerging On The Other Side By Sonja Myriel

Sonja .....

These holy days have been filled with the comfort of a loving family, long hours of sleep and deep relaxation and integration of the New Light Codes, Violet Light Upgrades and Bodily Updates. Stress seems a memory from long ago.

And as I realize that next week even more work than before may wash over me again, I feel that SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE has had the chance to CHANGE now once and for all. Finally! My programming is not the same anymore … and I suppose that something very similar is happening to all of you who are READY NOW to take the next step in PEACEFUL MAGNIFICENT CO-creation.

And I would like to invite you this year again and again to re-MEMBER to call in the help of the Angles and Archangels, the Nature Beings and Beings of Light from other dimensions to multiply your SERVICE to HUMANITY a thousand times a thousand fold as Patricia Cota Robles would say!

Become ONE with your I AM PRESENCE and with the I AM PRESENCE of ALL of HUMANITY ... and DECREE what your HEART commands to fulfill the prophecy and BRING DOWN TO EARTH the higher frequencies of existence which express themselves in JOY, FREEDOM, LOVE, COMPASSION, GRATITUDE, FAITH, TRUST and HAPPINESS J

May all those past inner steps of evolution MANIFEST in 2019 as a NEW OPERATING MODE for each of us, which allows us to see behind the scenes ever more and empowers us to SHINE THE LIGHT of LOVE, compassion and understanding on our own wounded selves and those of our neighbors, “friends” and “enemies” alike, until we realize: All there is, is ME!

And may we then be filled with the POWER and LOVE of our I AM PRESENCE, inspired to ACT IN NEW WAYS on the physical plane, according to our most SACRED INSIGHTS.


LOVE = CREATION = the glue which binds that together which belongs together

5 – 6 January: New Moon and Solar eclipse

Preparation for the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse on 21 January

Nourish yourself, nourish your family, Nourish your light, nourish your love

Crystalline WHITE SNOW Moon, Wolf Moon, Hunter’s Moon


Let us begin the 1st moon of the year, which holds in store a Solar Eclipse, by consciously INTEGRATING all the information given to us in the 13 Holy Nights before Epiphany. It is the LAST of those 13 Nights and it is truly a night for WISE WISHES! Violet Fire Cauldron - NEW YEAR DISPENSATION -

Take time to sit in meditation, enter your Sacred HEART SPACE, White Fire Light Being, Threefold Flame and Violet Ray Sanctuary and GIVE THANKS to Lady Quan Yin’s gift of the Violet Fire Cauldron Baptism at New Year’s Eve and all the many personal blessings that were bestowed upon you during this time window of the 13 Holy Nights.

ASK for ASSISTANCE, GUIDANCE and BLESSINGS for the moon(s) ahead and invite ALL YOUR SOUL FAMILY, your Spirit Guides, Masters, Starbrethren, Angels and Beings of LOVE to WITNESS your progress and evolution and to accompany, help, protect and guide you from NOW on – eternally!

We have two weeks now to PREPARE for the FIRST FULL MOON of the YEAR which coincides with a LUNAR ECLIPSE which will be visible most all around the earth. Let us invite the CRYSTALLINE WHITE LIGHT here in the Northern Hemisphere to COVER the land with SNOW, crystalline white snowflakes which greatly assist the INTEGRATION of the Light Codes from On High into the ASTRAL REALMS, the 4th dimension of our world.

And in the Southern Hemisphere, GIVE GRATITUDE to Mother Earth and Father Sun for the PLENTITUDE of NOURISHMENT. Ask for BALANCE of the elements, for PEACE, JUSTICE and FORGIVENESS in ALL areas of life, public and private.

May we BECOME ONE with the forces of nature, with the elements, with ALL that IS so we can take back RESPONSIBILITY for our PLANET and become the GUARDIANS of LOVE, LIFE and LIGHT on EARTH that we, actually, already ARE and have always been!

It’s time to take off the masks, to lift the veil of forgetting and to re-MEMBER that WE ARE HERE to PROTECT ALL LIFE on EARTH, to CREATE PARADISE, to BREAK FREE from the bonds of corporations and to indulge in the JOY of FRIENDSHIP and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING!


I have found Patricia Cota Roble’s latest Vlog really enlightening and recommend listening to it during this two-week period as often as you can.

Video - "Vlog 98 - A Shift of Consciousness Is Taking Place Within Humanity" By Patricia Cota-Robles -

MAY ALL OUR LIGHTWORK be EMPOWERED by the OVERLIGHTENING OCTAVES OF our I AM PRESENCE and SOURCE DIVINE so we can accomplish what we have come here to achieve!

2019 will be a year to truly learn to CO-create with the Divine! We are not separate entities trying to change the world – we are POWERFULLY CONNECTED and GUIDED, so human consciousness can reach PEAKS of INSIGHT TOGETHER, CHANGING the world from WITHIN!

And the more light we anchor in our bodies, through our connexions and within Mother Earth, the higher the frequency of human consciousness rises and the higher can be the frequencies of incoming new life!


The course of history that we have chosen instead of the apocalypse, is that of CHANGE through the CYCLES of GENERATION. Never before have life standards CHANGED as quickly as they do now!

The reality of our children is very different one from our childhood experiences. Our kids see themselves confronted with psychological problems and threats due to social media and smart technologies, which we as parents have never experienced in that way and can, in many cases, not understand, and even less counteract.

We truly have NO IDEA where the technological evolution will transport us to, but what becomes obvious is that humanity has never had such a quick learning rate in generational sequences before!


May we recognize our children as the TRUE TREASURE that they ARE! And may we find ways to make life MEANINGFUL and MAGICAL again, so they can EXPLORE their WHOLE SPECTRUM of hidden talents, hidden, as they are not yet recognized consciously by humanity as true GIFTS!

It’s TIME to find out what fills us with JOY and to EXPERIMENT with it until we discover our true gifts and talents which the world may not even have a name for. So NAME it – and it is YOURS!


In Lakesh!



Sonja Myriel RAouine

Video - "THe Healing Chambers of The Archangels Are Here For You Now !



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